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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review Roundup: Wondrous Acclaim

Releasing on October 20, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the latest entry in one of the most recognizable gaming franchises in history. And from the early reviews, it seems like it doesn’t disappoint—in fact, it’s shaping up to be perhaps one of the most memorable Mario experiences yet.

Actual Italians Tell Us What They Think About Super Mario

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We’ve gathered up a variety of perspectives on Mario’s latest outing and found there to be universal praise for the new Switch exclusive. Overall opinions highlight Wonder’s mastery of the classic 2D platformer form, and point out it’s not just a rehash of old ideas: Reviewers are finding the world-warping Wonder effects to offer excellent replayability and unexpected levels of surprise challenges.

Universally the new worlds are described as lively, dynamic, and full of secrets. The Wonder mechanics and Badge system (which lets you equip new abilities) keep the game alive. And cooperative play means that this experience can be easily shared with friends.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder currently sits at a score of 93 on Metacritic, falling just under fellow Switch exclusive The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and soaring over other highly anticipated 2023 releases.

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GamesRadar: 4.5/5

GamesRadar spoke positively about the new power-ups and the game’s wonder-inspiring visuals, but lamented a lack of unique per-character powers.

NPR: ‘a surreal masterpiece’

NPR praised the liveliness of Wonder’s presentation, cooperative play, and change of scenery that the Flower Kingdom offers.

Inverse: 8/10

Inverse described the level design as a “beautiful thing to behold,” packed with wonderful visuals and interesting new power-ups.

CNN: ‘an unexpected return to form’

CNN said that the game presents a wonderful sense of charm, with clever level design and great multiplayer options.

The Verge: ‘infused with strange yet incredibly fun concepts’

The Verge said that Wonder delivers a remixed classic 2D Mario action with hidden stages, varying challenges, and the surprising, game-changing effects of the Wonder Flowers.

Wccftech: 9.5/10

Wccftech praised the game’s visuals, sense of character, and level design, but did note that Mario’s new voice actor “lacks some of [Charles] Martinet’s infectious enthusiasm.”

Polygon: ‘Play Mario for the first time a second time’

Polygon said that Wonder offers an excellent classic Mario experience that’s capable of reinventing itself through its mind-bending Wonder mechanics.

IGN: 9/10

As critics, IGN found Super Mario Wonder fun to play.

Eurogamer: 5/5

Eurogamer echoed the game’s seemingly wonderful sense of character and visual delight, but particularly loved ‘sheer density of secrets.’

GameSpot: 9/10

GameSpot praised the visual presentation, surprising twists and turns, and online multiplayer, but critiqued occasional repetition around some Wonder effects.

VideoGamesChronicle: 5/5

VideoGamesChronicle found Wonder’s new additions to the classic Mario formula lifted it above a throwback to the classic games.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is available on Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2023.

Pre-order Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop

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