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Wowwee, Super Mario Bros. Wonder Sold 4 Million Copies In Two Weeks

After barely two weeks on digital and physical store shelves, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has already become the “biggest release for a Super Mario title,” selling 4.3 million copies globally, according to Nintendo’s latest earnings report.

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On November 7, Nintendo revealed some sales figures for recent game releases in a consolidated financial highlights document. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sold nearly 20 million copies in just four months, while Pikmin 4 has already shipped 2.61 million units since its July 21 launch. Now, in a more detailed PDF, company president Shuntaro Furukawa broke down some other sales data, calling attention to side-scrolling platformer Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which he says is the “fastest-selling Super Mario related title.”

Super Mario related titles also tend to sell consistently over a long period of time,” Furukawa said. “We anticipate this title will be an appealing choice for consumers during the upcoming holiday season and will continue to sell next year onwards as well. […] This title provides surprising new 2D Mario experiences, and we believe that this, in conjunction with [the] global excitement from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, resulted in the large sales volume.”

The PDF does quantify Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s sales data, specifying that the numbers don’t include any Mario games sold before the Nintendo DS or Wii “when software sell-through data collection began.” That said, 4.3 million units in just two weeks is really nothing to sneeze at, especially considering Wonder marks the first “entirely new” side-scrolling Mario game in 11 years. The last release Nintendo gave the “fastest-selling Mario game” title to was 2017's Super Mario Odyssey, which pushed out two million copies in its first three days.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces plenty of new stuff to the series, including new power-ups, new transformations, and a new voice actor for the overall-clad plumber. While it isn’t all that difficult, the game seems to live up to its namesake, sparking wonder in Kotaku’s Zack Zwiezen, who said he’d played it again “the next time I need a pick-me-up” in his Super Mario Bros. Wonder review.

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Nintendo appears to be on a roll right now, with sales of its latest games hitting some impressive milestones. While the company’s riding high, it’s also contending with tons of rumors tied to the Nintendo Switch 2, which Furukawa rejected as “inaccurate” despite lots of credible evidence suggesting otherwise.

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