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Everything We Know About The Stylish Action Game Stellar Blade

Developer Shift Up Second Eve Studios made quite the splash at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s recent State of Play broadcast with a gameplay reveal trailer for Stellar Blade (previously known as “Project Eve”). The PS5 character-action exclusive is looking real good, thanks it part to its stylish combat and even more stylish protagonist. To get you ready for the game’s imminent launch, we figured we’d gather all the details we know about Stellar Blade in one place. That makes it easy to read up on one of the PS5’s flashiest exclusives that’ll land this April.

The Best Reveals From The Game Awards 2023

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Does Stellar Blade have a release date?

Yep, and it’s actually right around the corner. Shift Up and Sony revealed during the January 31 State of Play presentation that Stellar Blade will launch on April 26.

What platforms will Stellar Blade launch on?

Once upon a time, when it was announced as Project Eve in 2019, Shift Up planned to release the game for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, PS5 exclusivity was revealed alongside its official name during the State of Play. It could come to PC, as some PlayStation exclusives like Days Gone and God of War have, but there’s no confirmation of that.

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Is there a trailer for Stellar Blade?

Of course, and it’s stylish as hell! Shift Up gave us a little over six minutes of gameplay footage during the State of Play livestream, going into detail about the game’s combat, environments, skills, traversal, and more. Check it out below.


What’s Stellar Blade’s gameplay and story like?

The gameplay looks like an amalgam of Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Nier Automata. The trailer shows off action-packed gameplay where you shoot and slice your way through the alien-looking monsters known as Naytibas threatening Earth all while upgrading your gear and outfitting protagonist Eve in a variety of accessories and clothing. According to the PlayStation Blog, Stellar Blade features a semi-world—think a hub area connected to an explorable zone full of activities and enemies—for you to hunt down the Naytibas wreaking havoc at the behest of the mysterious yet omnipotent powers composed of “Alpha and an Elder”—whatever those are.

Stellar Blade’s story is relatively straightforward, but it’s backed up by some intense-looking action. Speaking of the Naytibas, 3The emergence of the Naytibas prompts Eve, a member of the warrior group known as the 7th Airborne Squad, to descend onto the post-apocalpytic planet. As one of the handful of people capable enough to save the rotting Earth from utter Naytiba control, it’s up to Eve—and a host of side characters she meets along the way—to kill them all.

Who is Eve and why is she so stylish in Stellar Blade?

There’s not much known about Eve at the moment. Like, what’s her personality? Goals? Hobbies? I suspect these questions will get answered when Stellar Blade launches this April, but for right now, all we know is that Eve is a fashionable super soldier who has plenty of sick outfits that my partner will be jealous of.

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The outfits are clearly one of Stellar Blade’s main selling points. All throughout the State of Play trailer, we see Eve dressed up in an assortment of clothes. She’s got several form-fitting catsuits, stunning jackets with gorgeous details and funky patterns, wine-soaked blouses, cropped tops, cocktail dresses, bikini wear, and many more garments—she probably needs a walk-in closet. Eve is a definite style icon, and I can’t wait to see folks cosplay as her.

And that’s everything we know about Stellar Blade right now. It’s quite fitting that “stellar” is in the game’s title now because based on what we’ve seen from it so far, the adjective is very apt as Shift Up’s character action game is shaping up to be one of the PlayStation 5's most stylish exclusives when it launches on April 26.

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