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Where To Sell All The Stuff You Grabbed In Starfield

Starfield is finally here after years of waiting. (Assuming you spent the extra money to play the game early, that is.) So you excitedly booted it up, started playing, and did what so many people do in Bethesda RPGs: grabbed everything. But now, where do you sell all this shit? The game doesn’t make it obvious, so I’m here to help.

The Week In Games: What’s Coming Out Beyond Starfield

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Bethesda’s latest and biggest open-world RPG, Starfield, has launched in early access after years of hype and trailers. First announced back at E3 2018, the large space RPG lets players create their own character and explore a vast galaxy filled with hundreds of planets, quests, and spaceships. My first few hours with Starfield have been very enjoyable, but early on I was running around with pockets full of stuff and nowhere to sell it. If you’re suffering from this same issue, let me point you to Outland, a store in the first big city you visit.

As you progress through the first main quest of the game, you’ll be sent to New Atlantis, a large city that has various places and stores to visit. However, I quickly discovered that many of the stores near Constellation’s HQ (where the main quest leads you) aren’t able to buy all the junk you pick up. Some only buy and sell guns, others clothes, and others food items. But don’t worry, there’s a place very close to the HQ that will buy all those cups and books you grabbed during the intro.

From the Constellation HQ’s front door, head forward and look for large flags and a memorial with a robot guard. Beyond that and slightly to the left is Outland, a store that will buy everything you have in your inventory. Yes, even those random darts and playing cards you picked up.

You can also open your scanner and look around for the Commercial District and fast-travel to it. Then just walk forward a bit and you’ll see Outland on your left. Finally, you can sell that power drill you grabbed in the mines because you just couldn’t leave it behind.

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