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Bethesda’s Space RPG Starfield Already Has An Expansion And DLC Planned

The already gigantic Starfield will stretch even larger after it launches, developer Bethesda told IGN before the Starfield Direct showcase on June 11. The Fallout creator is planning a story expansion, called Shattered Space, and “a lot of [other] add-on content,” development chief Todd Howard said.

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“Our plan is to do things of varying sizes, and we’ve done a lot of that in our previous games, so it’s something that we really like doing, our fans like,” he continued. “So despite the size of the game, there’s still things we want to add as far as features in the future or stories and things like that.”

How long is Starfield?

About the size of the game, though—Howard has promised players 1,000 explorable worlds, which seems like it could be too many worlds.

“I’m increasingly skeptical of games that lean on their sheer size and scope to inspire awe,” senior Kotaku staff writer Ethan Gach wrote about Starfield in 2022. “More often than not, the excess content feels like filler, or invites developers to crunch to get a game out the door, and sometimes both.”

But Starfield has been in Bethesda’s official field of vision since it filed its first related trademark in 2013, and a 10-year relationship can be messy to end. This is where “more is more” enters the picture.

Starfield preorders: Constellation Edition and more

Howard didn’t delve into the extra story content Shattered Space will offer, but since we know the game is a sexless, but bloody NASA role-playing game with No Man’s Sky-type interplanetary travel, I’m going to generously guess it will offer more of that.

Starfield’s Digital Premium Edition and sold-out, collector’s Constellation Edition all include the downloadable content. Preorders for the Premium Edition are currently open, and you’ll receive a deep mining helmet, deep mining pack, and laser cutter in-game for being an early bird.

Both the $100 Digital Premium Edition and Constellation Edition notably include five days of early access play. There’s also a space watch for those of you who want to match your Starfield character. Otherwise, the game is officially out on September 6, on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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