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All Of Our Starfield Tips, Guides, News, And Reviews

Starfield is here and it’s easily one of the biggest video games of 2023, both in terms of how large its digital galaxy is and just how much hype is surrounding Bethesda’s latest RPG. So it should come as no surprise that we here at Kotaku have spent a lot of time covering it. From tips about how to sell your loot to reports on modding controversies and our thoughts on the game itself, we’ve written a lot of cool stuff about Starfield.

6 Things To Know Before Starting Persona 5 Tactica

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This article is meant to be your one-stop shop for all our Starfield posts, from the serious to the silly. As the game settles in and we keep reporting, we’ll update this over the coming days, weeks, and months.

A good place to start might be our initial thoughts on the game’s first hours. And there’s a lot more below!

Starfield Tips And Guides

17 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Playing StarfieldA No-Fuss Guide To Starfield Space TravelStarfield Factions: How To Join And What They’re All AboutGetting Laid In Starfield Is Actually A Good StrategyHow To Avoid Carrying Too Much Crap In StarfieldWarning: Starfield Doesn’t Run Well On Steam DeckStarfield PC Mod Dramatically Improves Inventory ManagementWhere To Sell All The Stuff You Grabbed In StarfieldSlicing Up Starfield Enemies With Katanas Is A Blast Starfield’s Campaign Is A Lot Shorter Than You ThinkStarfield Factions: How To Join And What They’re All AboutYou Can Get One Of Starfield’s Best Spacesuits Super EasilyStarfield: Should You Rush Through The Main Quest?The 9 Least Essential Starfield Mods You Can Install Right NowStarfield’s Legendary Mantis Ship Is Well Worth The Trouble

The Good Starfield News

Early Starfield Reviews Are Generally Positive, From Mild Disappointment To Glowing PraiseFirst Tech Review Of Starfield Is Positive, Praising Performance On Xbox Series X/SStarfield Seems Like A (Mostly) Bug-Free Journey Through SpaceStarfield’s Missing DLSS Support Already Modded Into The GameStarfield Literally Saved A Couple From DeathWow, Starfield’s Lockpicking Minigame Is Really Fun

The Bad Starfield News

Starfield’s Shipbuilding Seems Like A Frustrating ExperienceIt Looks Like Starfield Has Major Accessibility ProblemsHelp! I’m Trapped In Starfield’s Menus And Can’t Get OutStarfield’s Local Planet Map Is HorribleStarfield’s Most Popular Mod Sparks Paywall Controversy, Immediately Gets PiratedBethesda Explains Starfield’s Complete Lack Of Ground Vehicles

The Starfield Leak Saga

Starfield Fans Melting Down Over ‘Invisible Walls’ And Possible Limits Of ExplorationStarfield Leaker Booked On Felony Charge After Allegedly Trying To Sell Stolen CopiesStarfield Fan Banned From Subreddit For Narcing On Leaker To Cops

Starfield Odds & Ends

Bethesda Keeps Making The Same Game, For Better Or For WorseStarfield’s Intricate Physics Are Blowing Fans’ MindsStarfield’s Main Character Is Silent So The World Can Be HugeStarfield’s Sandwiches Are Beautiful But Worthless Bethesda Exec Writes Fake Doctor’s Note To Excuse Starfield Players From WorkStarfield Players Are Filling Up Their Ships With Random JunkStarfield’s Companions Are A Blessing And A CurseStarfield, As Told By Steam Reviews My Pacifist Starfield Run Isn’t Going GreatStarfield Doesn’t Require Fast Travel After All…Sort OfSomeone’s Already Beat Starfield In Less Than 3 HoursTodd Howard: Starfield’s Xbox Exclusivity Made It ‘Better’

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