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What You Need To Know About Stardew Valley’s Green Rain

If you’re walking around Stardew Valley and see some green rain, don’t freak out. The green rain is a new weather condition added in the recent massive update 1.6, but it’s not dangerous or anything. Rather, it can be quite helpful if you know what to look for during these special rainy days. Here’s exactly what is up with Stardew Valley’s new green rain.

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The first thing you need to know about green rain is how you can tell when it will appear. This is done, appropriately enough, by checking the Weather Report on TV. The day before green rain is set to appear, you’ll get a Weather Report saying “Um… There appears to be some kind of… anomalous reading… I… don’t know what this means…” Wake up the next morning and that anomalous reading will be green rain blanketing the valley.

As previously mentioned, despite its look green rain isn’t acidic or harmful in any way, but it does have an effect on the landscape. You’ll probably be able to notice the changes green rain brings immediately. New foliage will have sprouted overnight, with some being larger or mutated. This will increase the amount of Moss and Fiddlehead Fern you can find across the entire map (excluding Ginger Island). Both of these are good ingredients to stock up on for several recipes. Fiddlehead Fern is an especially sought-after item you should snatch up during green rain days since the item is required to complete the Chef’s Bundle at the Community Center, but it only grows in the Summer season. Spend as much of the day as you can collecting these items because after the green rain goes away the following day, all of the mutated trees will disappear.

Another added bonus of green rain is that you’ll be able to find a large percentage of the game’s villagers taking shelter at the tavern. They may be wary of this strange phenomenon, but you know it’s fine. Since they’re conveniently grouped together in one location, you can get in your daily interactions in no time, boosting your friendship level with ease.

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