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Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Devs Respond After Abysmal Launch

The Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection launched on March 14, and it sounds like it’s a bit of a mess. As of this writing, the compilation has mostly “Overwhelmingly Negative” user reviews on Steam, with only 19 percent of over 4000 scores being positive. Fans are complaining of online server instability and crashing sessions, and after a day of controversy, developer Aspyr has put out a statement.

The Week In Games: A Star Wars Classic Returns & More New Releases

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The Aspyr team posted on the studio’s support site, claiming that it experienced “critical errors” in its network when the Classic Collection launched, and that the team has been working to fix these problems so players can actually play matches without being disconnected. The full statement reads as follows:

Online games often experience server issues at launch and improve over time, but sometimes, those server issues are inconsistent across the player base. Our writer covering the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection didn’t experience server issues, but others clearly did. But server issues are not the only problem players are having with these remastered games. According to reviews and social media posts there’s lag, lost audio, and sluggish performance plaguing matches. Aspyr’s statement notably glosses over all of those problems in favor of prioritizing the most public issue of people not being able to play the game they bought.

Aspyr has worked on other Star Wars projects over the years, and this is the latest example of the studio fumbling the bag. The team’s Knights of the Old Republic II remaster was the subject of a lawsuit after it failed to put out promised DLC. The team was taken off the Knights of the Old Republic remake, which was given to one of publisher Saber Interactive’s internal studios.

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