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Star Citizen's 'Everything Pack' Costs $48,000

Forever-in-development space sim Star Citizen might not be finished after over a decade of dev work and announcements, but it does already contain a lot of expensive ships you can buy and fly around in. And if you want all of those ships in one big DLC pack, Star Citizen has an option for you. Just be prepared to spend over $48,000.

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Star Citizen was announced back in 2012, before the Xbox One or PS4 were released. Before GTA V or GTA Online had launched. Obama was still in the White House and Disney was just getting ready to purchase Lucasfilm and make more Star Wars films. Since that time, Star Citizen developer Roberts Space Industries has promised a lot and, to its credit, provided some of that content in an unfinished but playable package you could technically call a video game. It has also raked in over $600 million dollars via crowdfunding. Perhaps you want to toss some money into this forever-hungry maw? If so, there’s a new expensive option for you to do just that.

As spotted by Tweaktown, the 2023 Legatus Ship pack is now available to purchase in Star Citizen. Since 2018, RSI has released these large packs that contain access to all ships and upgrades. And they’ve all been pricey. In 2021 the pack cost $40,000. In 2022 the price increased to $42,000. But now the 2023 pack has jumped in price even more and costs an eye-watering $48,000.

Granted this pack does include over 175 ships and more mods and upgrades than you can shake a stick at, but is that really worth what some people make in a year? I don’t think so, but I’m not part of the RSI / Star Citizen cult who will leap into action to endlessly defend the game and its questionable prices and messy development.

What makes all of this even wilder is that you reportedly can’t even buy the big expensive $48,000 super pack unless you are a member of the Chairman’s Club. And how do you access that? By spending money, of course! To reach that level you’ll need to spend over $1,000.

So this is really a $49,000 pack if you are a totally new Star Citizen player looking to own everything. You could also just spend all that money on 800 copies of any $60 video game of your choice. This is probably not a better option, but at least you can stack them into a cool fort and live in it.

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