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Spiritual Successor To SSX Was In The Works, But Not Anymore

There is one video game series that will forever loom large in my mind, and it is SSX. With no new entry in the extreme snowboarding franchise since its 2012 installment, it seems like there is little hope for it to ever make a comeback. Which makes it all the more depressing to hear that we could have seen the series live on in the form of a spiritual successor. The revelation that such a game was in the works comes from a sweeping report by IGN about the recent influx of layoffs at high-profile companies in the industry, and how they have affected the ability of developers to make games, whether due to being laid off, losing funding, or working with fewer colleagues.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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A former employee at studio SuperNatural told IGN that the company was working on a spiritual successor to SSX that was to be published by 2K, before the publisher pulled out. SuperNatural was founded in 2020 by Steve Rechtschaffner and Larry LaPierre, best-known as the creators of the SSX series. So it sounds like we almost had exactly what fans have been dreaming of for over a decade. As someone who has consistently played several hours of SSX 3 every month for the past…decade, I can hardly begin to describe to you how sad this makes me.

What made SSX so special and has kept it stuck in the minds of players like me for decades was the combination of sports action and an arcadey trick system. While there were “typical” snowboarding events like downhill races and half-pipe trick competitions, the series’ energy was completely over-the-top. Its characters all had a colorful 2000’s aesthetic and could pull off twisting tricks that often included completely removing their snowboard from their feet in mid-air. For many, the franchise’s height came in the form of its second game, 2001’s SSX Tricky.

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