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The Best Skills And Abilities To Unlock ASAP In Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 features two superheroes this time around instead of just one, and there’s a ton more stuff to upgrade as a result. Whether you’re primarily playing as Peter Parker or Miles Morales, here are all of the abilities, skills, and suit powers you should focus on powering up first.

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While you can swap between Peter and Miles at any time as you web-sling through New York, certain missions and side activities will require you to play as one or the other. As a result, the heroes share some skill tree upgrades and abilities, while others are completely unique to Peter or Miles. As you explore, prevent crimes, and complete missions, you’ll earn tokens and skill points from leveling up. Read on for a quick rundown of the different upgrade paths and our thoughts on which ones are worth prioritizing to get the most out of playing Spider-Man 2.

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Invest in the shared Spider-Man skill tree first

The shared skill tree gives benefits to both Peter and Miles, giving you more bang for your buck with each skill point. More importantly though, the skills in the shared tree are more fundamental to the basic gameplay, with web-singing upgrades, combat maneuvers, and other bonuses that power you up while also making the game more fun to play.

After getting the Slingshot Launch, pour points into the middle and right parts of the skill tree. Loop De Loop and Corner Tether are a blast to use and will help you move through the city much more quickly. Combo Resupply and Perfect Dodge Recharge give you a bunch more uptime for gadgets and abilities, making you more deadly in fights and also letting you bust out your toolbox more often.

From there, Web Whip and Web Throw on the left side of the skill tree will let you disarm enemies and toss them around when they’re webbed. But my favorite ability on the left side is Wall Thrash, which lets you pummel enemies with kicks like Chun-Li once you’ve got them cornered. Meanwhile, if you want to be doing tons of awesome-looking takedowns, Fired Up gives Spider-Man gives more Focus the higher your combo. It’s the most stylish way to take down enemy mobs quickly and look super cool doing it.

What to upgrade in Miles Morales’ skill tree

While Peter is featured a bit more prominently in Spider-Man 2’s biggest missions and fights, Miles’ powers are just way more fun. His venom-charged electrical attacks shoot bolts of lightning everywhere and are great for crowd control. With that in mind, it’s worth grabbing Venom Jump and Venom Jump: Mastery first and then moving on to Chain Lightning: Power Overwhelming (increases bolts from three to six) and Reverse Flux: Boost (generates additional lightning bolts).

After all of that, the right side of the tree features all of Miles’ upgrades for his Venom Blast ultimate attack. The big explosive ball of lightning hits everyone nearby and can single-handedly clear encounters, so it’s worth dumping everything else in there. The resulting mid-battle photo shoots alone are worth it.

What to upgrade in Peter Parker’s skill tree

Peter has the advantage of getting Venom abilities, but the disadvantage early on of being stuck with just his Spider Arm attacks, which are often much more targeted and just don’t always feel as rewarding to use. My advice is to hold off on doing any significant Peter upgrades until the Venom side of his skill tree opens up.

From there, you’ll want to go straight down the left side of the tree, picking up Symbiote Strike: Extended, Symbiote Yank: Extended, and Surge: Don’t Resist. The aim is to get to Surge: Power Spike, which makes Peter’s Surge ultimate attack with Venom (think Kratos’ rage mode from God of War) last much longer. When active, Peter can take down rank-and-file enemies one after another very quickly, and do a lot more damage to bosses just with his standard punch combo.

The best order to upgrade Spider-Man’s suit

The good news is that Peter and Miles both share the same suit upgrades. The bad news is they all cost a bunch of tokens earned from Photo Ops, Prowler Stashes, Mysteriums, and other open-world activities. It will take you a while to max out the entire tree, but in the beginning it’s worth focusing on health and damage.

Confidence Boost, the third node on the health tree, will heal you every time you perform a perfect dodge. Air Marshal on the damage tree will make mid-air attacks stronger, which is very helpful since you’ll spend a lot of time during fights punching enemies up into the air so you can finish them off without getting mobbed from behind.

It’s worth upgrading each area—health, damage, focus, traversal—a few times since you’ll likely have the corresponding tokens available versus some of the later upgrades, which require you to have a lot more of the open world’s activities completed. From there it depends on if there’s a particular area you’re struggling with. Dying a lot? Grab more health. Taking forever to finish fights? Increase your damage.

But if things are generally going okay you should finish the traversal tree first. Spider-Man 2 feels the best when you’re swinging around or flying with the wing-suit. It’s also what you spend much of the game doing. Having the full suite of web-slinging upgrades available will make exploring New York City faster and more fun, which, after all, is the entire point of the game.

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