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Spider-Man 2 Update Fixes Some Game-Breaking Bugs

Developer Insomniac Games dropped a new update for its action-adventure game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which addresses game-breaking bugs, gives MJ some buffs, puts your phone on silent, and improves overall stability.

Spider-Man 2's New Web Wings Make It Feel Like A Proper Sequel

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Posted on November 8 to the studio’s official support page, the team at Insomniac Games detailed exactly what version 1.001.005 does to the PlayStation 5 exclusive. MJ will be tougher on higher difficulty settings so that she isn’t “defeated in one hit.” (For reference, on normal difficulty, MJ can take just two crossbow bolts before going down.) The patch also fixes a bug when swapping characters during phone calls, meaning folks looking for Peter Parker when you’re Miles Morales will stop calling you.

Some game-breaking problems, such as the finale of the Marko’s Memories side quest getting stuck and the game not reloading after dying during a boss encounter, have also been fixed. We love to see it.

There’s also a curious fix in this new update. Apparently, there were instances where Spider-Man—whether that’s Miles Morales or Peter Parker is unclear—could “lose the ability to jump.” It’s hard to imagine getting much done as Spider-Man while being glued to the ground.

In earlier versions of the game, if you were to abandon a mission and enter the game’s open world, your save file would become unusable for some reason. Insomniac Games has eliminated this problem. The new update also improves Spider-Man 2's overall performance and stability, ensuring that the game runs at tip-top shape.

You can check out the full patch notes for the game’s version 1.001.005 down below:

Spider-Man 2 Version 1.001.005 Patch Notes

Addressed an issue where NPCs could spawn on top of each other in boatsAddressed an issue where MJ could be defeated in one hit on higher difficulty settingsAddressed multiple issues where hiding the HUD would cause some missions to fail to triggerAddressed an issue where collision was missing on the floor in the harborFurther addressed issues where players could become stuck in the finale of Marko’s MemoriesAddressed an issue where players could switch character during the defeat sequence.Addressed an issue where the player could become stuck running on a wallAddressed an issue where the wrong Spider-Man could receive phone calls if the player switched characters during a callAddressed an issue where the player could lose the ability to jumpAddressed multiple issues where inputs would not register after zipping to a pointAddressed an issue where the game would not properly reload after being defeated by a boss.Addressed an issue where Peter Parker could become stuck on a bench or railing.Addressed an issue where Spider-Man could clip through the map and become stuck during combatAddressed an issue where the Hang Ten Trophy would not count flips accuratelyAddressed an issue where inputs would not register after grabbing a memory crystalFurther addressed issues where models would not load properly after long play sessionsAddressed an issue where the player character could leave a mission and enter the open world resulting in corrupted savesImproved stability

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