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Spider-Man 2 Gets New Game Plus, New Symbiote Suits, And More In Latest Update

It’s been almost five months since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 released on PlayStation 5, meaning plenty of players have beaten the game at least once. Which makes it the perfect time for one of the game’s most requested features to finally be released. Yes, in the newest update from developer Insomniac, Spider-Man 2 is getting a New Game+ feature.

Spider-Man 2's New Web Wings Make It Feel Like A Proper Sequel

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Version 1.002.000 is live right now and the official blog post from Insomniac for the update lays out everything players can look forward to experiencing. Top of that list is New Game+, which brings several new features in hopes of giving players more reason to revisit the story of Miles and Peter. That includes Ultimate Levels, a feature not tied to difficulty that extends the level cap in New Game+ to go beyond the base game. NG+ is also bringing new symbiote suit styles, golden gadget looks, and a suit tech fusion mechanic that will let players unlock both perks on a slot. Those who complete NG+ will also unlock a new PlayStation trophy.

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