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Gravity Rush Film Makes Surprise Appearance At Sony CES Presentation

Nearly a year and five months after its announcement, Sony has revealed a brief look at the Gravity Rush film that’s currently in production and based on the 2012 open-world action-adventure game of the same name by the now-defunct developer Japan Studio. It’s just a small tease, but what the PlayStation maker has shown off looks promising all the same.

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At the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 8 in Las Vegas, Sony unveiled an assortment of technology, from a new VR headset to a car you can drive with your PS5 controller. Tucked inside the nearly hour-long press conference was the shortest of teasers for Gravity Rush. There wasn’t much, but we got to see a few seconds of the project in action.

In the above clip, a blonde-haired girl—presumably the protagonist, the gravity-controlling superhero Kat—jumps off a tall building. The video then cuts to the behind-the-scenes stunt shot of an actor strapped to motion capture and a wire harness as two people hold them up, at which point the clip then swipes to the same blonde-haired girl skydiving between a few structures to reach a red-glowing beast that very much resembles a Nevi, Gravity Rush’s mysterious monster race. And that’s it. Sony then revealed a quick look at a Patapon project before moving on to other stuff. But hey, at least we saw what Gravity Rush as a film will look like.

Gravity Rush was pretty popular when it launched in 2012. Following the amnesiac Kat, the OG PlayStation Vita game saw our heroine manipulate the forces of gravity to defend the sky-bound community of Hekseville from dangerous storms and the Nevi. Due to its popularity and critical reception, Japan Studio released a sequel to Gravity Rush in 2017 for the PlayStation 4, about one year after the developers remastered the predecessor for the same platform. While the series had been MIA since, in August 2022, Deadline reported that PlayStation Productions and Scott Free Productions entered a partnership to develop the Gravity Rush film, with Anna Mastro (Secret Society of Second Born Royals, Runaways) directing it based on a script by Emily Jerome (Panopticon).

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