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This FPS Could Be The Modern Turok Sequel We All Deserve

Announced early on January 11 via a trailer, Son and Bone is an upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive first-person shooter that features a gruff-looking sheriff who ends up in a situation where he has to shoot a bunch of dinosaurs. If this intrigues you, join the club.

Why The Hot New Redfall Gameplay Trailer Left Us Feeling Cold

Share SubtitlesOffEnglishShare this VideoFacebookTwitterEmailRedditLinkview videoWhy The Hot New Redfall Gameplay Trailer Left Us Feeling Cold

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We all deserve more video games that feature dinosaurs. I’m not picky about how the dinos are used. Just give me more dinosaur action. I have fond memories of the N64 Turok games that mixed guns and dinosaurs into a fog-filled adventure which spawned some less than great sequels. Those old Turok games proved guns and dinos are a great combo. And that’s exactly what Son and Bone seems to be offering.

Son and Bone – Announcement Teaser | PS5 Games

Coming out later this year, Son and Bone is an FPS that looks similar to the modern Doom games, like Eternal. But you aren’t a demon-killing space marine in Son and Bone. Instead, you’ll slide into the (probably) stinky cowboy boots of Sheriff Sam Judge. After a local farm in his town is attacked by bandits, Judge goes after the group to get justice and save any hostages the criminals might have taken. And then…I guess dinosaurs happen?

Here’s how the game’s official store page explains it:

I mean, really, it doesn’t matter. Just have a bright white light, a whooshing noise, and a cutscene where he wakes up near some dinosaurs and that’s good enough for me. I do wonder if he brought all the guns we see in the gameplay trailer with him to dino-times? Or are there guns already there? What’s going on? I have no idea. All I know is it’s been far too long since an FPS let me use a double-barrel shotgun on a T-rex.

Son and Bone is out sometime in 2024 exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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