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Leaker Says Konami Pulled Silent Hill Pics It Apparently Doesn't Want You To See

A well-known leaker who goes by the username Dusk Golem has obtained and shared several images from a supposed in-development Silent Hill game on Thursday. The screens, posted to Dusk Golem’s Twitter account, weren’t up for long. According to the leaker, Konami swiftly swooped in to take those images down, though the specific reason for why remains unknown for now.

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Dusk Golem is an established leaker, revealing apparent details about games before studios announce them. For example, he unveiled that Monster Hunter Rise would run on the RE Engine back in August 2020 before Capcom confirmed the details after a September 2020 Nintendo Direct. He also got word that Resident Evil Village nearly had mermaid monsters. So while Dusk Golem seems to have a proven track record, you should absolutely take everything he says with a grain of salt. This is a leak, after all, and moreover games that are in development are subject to change. If a game does go on to exist, it may not look like this–or it may not come out at all.

On May 12, Dusk Golem tweeted four images of what he claimed were from a Silent Hill game that’s currently in development. He said the source was new, but that the individual gave him “more than enough proof” to believe the images were legit, though nothing was substantiated with Kotaku. He also gave a few details about the project, which apparently includes the names “Anita” and “Maya,” as well as a reference to SMS Messages. So, like any leaker does, Dusk Golem posted this—only for the images to get blocked. He then took to Reset Era to claim that it was Konami who sent him the takedown notice.

Kotaku has reached out to Konami for comment.

When reached for comment via email, Dusk Golem shared the images with Kotaku and gave some more information about the notice he received.

“Never happened before with anything else I’ve ever posted regarding Konami, first time for me,” Dusk Golem said. “I think they just deleted it because it ruins some surprises, especially once people know what this project is actually (sorry, not going to elaborate as it’s a bit of a spoiler, and I think would be harmful to be out there for the devs and the players).”

The famed horror series, which first crept onto the scene in 1999, has been dormant for a decade now, with the last entry being 2012's Silent Hill: Downpour. The franchise was poised to make a comeback on the back of the iconic P.T. before it was unceremoniously pulled from stores. These images, if connected to Silent Hill, are creepy. There are two showing a hoarder-like room littered with boxes and trash, another of a figure standing in some sticky note-lined hallway, and a different one of a woman’s face peeling back to reveal paper underneath the skin. Dusk Golem said the “shots are a bit dated,” alleging they come from a build in 2020 and that the project probably “looks a bit different now.” You can check them out below.

It’s unclear if the takedown notice Dusk Golem got was actually from Konami. There’s the possibility it could have been someone impersonating the company, which is what happened this past February when someone pretended to be Nintendo to exploit YouTube’s DMCA policy. Dusk Golem said he vetted the notice and is confident it came directly from Konami.

“The only notification I got was the Twitter one,” Dusk Golem said. “If it was someone impersonating them, they did their homework quickly. I did go through everything I could when I myself got it and all of it is accurate.”

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