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Just-Discovered Baldur’s Gate 3 Feature Reminds Gamers They Should Shower

Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game Baldur’s Gate 3 is a horny elven fantasy until you end up in a fight. Then, you and your companions get blood spatter all over your faces—very real and sobering—and it’s hard to woo each other at a safe campsite while you’re staring at gore. Some players try to freshen up their characters and companions by hurling water bottles at them, but a Reddit user recently discovered a more efficient way to shower.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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Simply stand under a waterfall, u/Inactivism deduced in a mega-popular r/BaldursGate3 post titled “Did you know you can take a shower?” on October 3.

“You know how you are always super bloody after a fight?” they wrote. “Stand under a waterfall and shower and you look clean! I discovered that yesterday and don’t know if everyone already knew that but I want EVERYONE to know!”

Now you know: you can take a shower. In BG3, this is helpful because it eliminates potentially distracting grime that could ruin intimate or intense cutscenes. In real life, showering is helpful for reducing your risk of staph infection. In both cases, it’s something you should consider doing before getting into bed.

Reddit commenters rejoiced in belaboring this last point, causing u/Inactivism to eventually issue an important update to their post: “Edit: […] I am happy to inform you I now took a shower in real life too because hygiene and stuff. I didn’t have the blood thing though.”

Blood thing or not, BG3’s Hotfix 9, issued on October 6, offers even more ways to get hot in-game.The appearance of paid party members, or Hirelings, can now be edited in the Magic Mirror like your main character’s, and you can change your name in the mirror, too.

In addition, developer Larian issued the following notable changes:

GPU crashes on PS5 Vulkan should be amelioratedPS5 players should no longer experience a black screen splitscreen while eavesdroppingCharacters now have smoother animations if you skip their dialogueMinthara’s romance will no longer “unreliably trigger”The Adamantine Splint Armour won’t give you invisible legs

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