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Pokémon Sleep App Will Include Shiny Hunting

The upcoming Pokémon Sleep tracker app seems to include “shiny” Pokémon, or Pokémon that appear in atypical color variations. Joe Merrick, webmaster of Poké-compendium, noted shinies’ presence in Sleep on Twitter, along with a warning for players: “I hope you’re all prepared for your Shiny Hunting streams and everything.”

The Week In Games: Pocket Monsters And Simulated Goats

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According to a “gameplay” trailer The Pokémon Company released last week, Sleep players will accumulate Pokémon in their Sleep Style Dex by growing a sluggish Snorlax by giving it meals and consistently tracking good sleep. The more powerfully sleepy Snorlax becomes, the more Pokémon will be available to collect.

“In the build we played,” Serebii said in a preview posted July 7, “there were over 100 Pokémon capable of being found, and each Pokémon has at least three different styles of sleep with different star ratings to indicate their rarity; The better quality of sleep and the higher Snorlax’s Drowsy Power, the better the chances of finding the rare sleep styles.”

Finally, some fans said on Twitter, the franchises’ fastidious shiny hunters will be forced to get eight blissful hours of sleep instead of burning their retinas with retries, exploits, and a school of Magikarp that all look the same.

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The sleep tracker will be compatible with the Bluetooth-enabled Pokémon Go Plus+ device, which, importantly, will not only “help measure your sleep data, but Pikachu’s familiar voice can give you cute prompts when it’s time to wake up or go to sleep,” the Pokémon website says.

While Pokémon Sleep does not yet have an official release date, fans suspect it’ll release close to Pokémon Go’s “Catching Some Z’s” event beginning July 15 (which will feature shiny variations of Abra, Drowzee, Galarian Slowpoke, Jigglypuff, Mareep, Mega Blaziken, Munna, Slakoth, Snorlax, Snorlax wearing a nightcap (!), and Teddiursa).

Ahead of the event, Sleep’s open beta is now available to Android users in Argentina, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand through July 13. Merrick told Kotaku in an email that, while he didn’t acquire any Sleep shinies himself, he’s noticed data miners finding them in beta.

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