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Every Side-Quest In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: The Teal Mask

The first stage of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s two-part expansion, The Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero, has a clearly defined storyline. The Teal Mask features a school trip to the nearby Kitakami, during which you become embroiled in a local legend about legendary Pokémon “the Loyal Three,” and their enemy, Ogrepon. However, what is far less clear is just how much else there is to do alongside this, so we’ve summarized it all in one handy place.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Dive Into The Dragon Quest Series

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That main plot is a fun, if fairly typical series of twists and turns, as you run about the large zone, pursuing the purple-scarved new pocket monsters, destroying statues, and revealing the truth behind ancient mysteries. And, given how the game is presented, you could be forgiven for thinking that this main quest is your lot. However, subtly scattered about the rural realm of Kitakami are a bunch of other quests you don’t want to miss.

This guide is written with the assumption that you’ve already finished the main plotline, and so will—by necessity—contain spoilers.

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Encounter Bloodmoon Ursulana

Standing to the left of the small main town in Kitakami is a Pokémon trainer and photographer called Perrin. If you chat to her, you’ll encounter the rug-pulling conversation in which she asks if it’s OK for her to take a photo of you. Agree, and she’ll immediately comment on how weird it is of you—a school child—to just let this random stranger photograph you on first meeting. Hey, lady, you asked. Anyhow, this uncomfortable moment aside, she then makes it very clear she has no more time for you until you’ve collected 150 Pokémon in your brand new Kitakami Pokédex.

It’s easy to forget all about this, not least because 150 is no small ask. As you get involved in the main plot, and perhaps distracted by raids and outbreaks, Perrin can slip from your mind. However, if you’re judicious about catching as you go, you should be a fair way there by the time you’ve dealt with Ogrepon. And it’s absolutely worth crossing the line, because it unlocks a whole other mini-quest during which you need to take some night-time photographs of a number of Pokémon, and eventually encounter the unique Bloodmoon Ursulana.

This honestly terrifying bear-thing is an incredible addition to your team, its signature move—Blood Moon—proving fantastic in battle.

Oh, and completing this quest will secure you yet another Pokémon you can’t get otherwise, a Hisuian Growlithe of your very own.

Catch The Loyal Three

Yeah, they might not be so loyal after all, but catching the Disloyal Three is something the game entirely omits to mention you can do.

Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti (surely the worst names in all of Pokémon history?) are still out there, and in fact they’re hanging around where you met them during the main quest.

To get Okidogi, you’ll want to go to the Paradise Barrens in the Northwest, where it’s loitering near the bottom of the cliffs. For Munkidori, it’s Southwest to the Wistful Fields. And for Fezandipiti, you want to head just East of the middle of the map, to a cliff on Oni Mountain.

If you accidentally knock one of them out, you need to wait about half an hour of in-game time for them to revive, so you might want to save ahead of the encounter to prevent annoying faffing. Then you can add all three poison types to your Pokédex.

Jacq Has A Secret Starter Pokémon

Weirdo Jacq selected you for this trip, and then mysteriously came along via his own means without telling anyone. Then on arrival, just hid behind a tree. Jacq has some problems. However, he also has an egg, and he’ll give it to you to hatch should you go find him. And that egg contains a random Sinnoh starter Pokémon you won’t be able to find any other way.

He’s lingering to the East of Mossui Town, past the red arch, and lurking beneath a tall tree. Chat with him, and along with asking you to entirely complete the local Pokédex, he’ll also hand you an egg.

As usual, put the egg in your party and roam about enough, and it’ll hatch into either Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup. There’s no way to choose which you get, and if you don’t get the Piplup that obviously everyone wants, you’re going to need to breed dupes of the one you got and then get on the trades.

Defeat The Kitakami Ogre Clan Members

It’s an odd choice of The Teal Mask not to overtly include a new team of baddies with some bases. Where the main game has Team Star and their Far Cry-esque homesteads, Kitakami keeps its enemy team on the down-low.

The Kitakami Ogre Clan are a group of mask-wearing trainers who will challenge you somewhat more aggressively than everyone else, and offer a tougher fight. And while the game barely mentions it, there’s a hidden task to find and defeat them all.

If you head to Kitakami Hall, down the bottom of the big flight of steps, there’s a guy dressed in black and yellow who will trigger the mini-quest. He says he’ll reward you for every Clan member you defeat, as well as offer you clues about where to find any you’ve missed.

They’re scattered all over, eight in total, and each is a deliberately tough fight. The lowest-level Pokémon they’ll use is 75, but you should be fine for such combat at this point. You can then collect your prizes for all eight, which includes five XL Experience Candies, and 10 Rare Candies, which is nothing to sniff at.

Rebuild the Loyalty Plaza

One of the strangest post-game quests has to be the Caretaker’s request that you help raise money to rebuild the Loyalty Plaza Shrine. He’s waiting under the big red building in Kitakami Hall.

Even admitting that the shrine should never have been built, apparently the locals are so used to it that they want it back exactly how it was before your antics saw the Disloyal Three arise from beneath. Oh, and it’s going to cost a million PokeDollars to fix.

And by “raise money,” he means, “give it all yourself.” Yup, this is a quest that’s entirely about your handing over a cool million bucks in 100,000 chunks, so a statue to some evil Pokémon can be rebuilt. However, do so and you’ll receive a total of 100 Pretty Feathers (worth 500 coins each), a new emote, and most importantly, the ugliest outfit you can find in the game, the Festival Jinbei – Flashy, and you’d better believe my character is wearing that back in Paldea.

Oh, and you also get a neat gag about how the game just reuses the old statue asset for the rebuilt version, which was worth the price.

If you’re wondering how to get so much money, the answer is, it’s on the ground. The Teal Mask has the most ridiculous number of sparkles and Poke Balls to pick up on every inch of land, and if you just spend an hour scooping these up, you’ll be able to sell them for a sizeable chunk of what you need.

Nemona’s Parents Are Rich And Weird

Nemona doesn’t show up anywhere in The Teal Mask, presumably failing to make Jacq’s demented cut. However, in a bonkers twist, her parents are in town. Billy and O’Nare are the two worst people you’ve met far too often in your life, first stood looking over a small cliff near Apple Hills’ rice fields. After talking at you like the rich white money they are, Lady O’Nare wants a Pokémon battle. It’s worth it, because she only has a Persian (because of course she does), and once defeated hands over a wad of cash.

But this is only the beginning of a quest that isn’t contained by the DLC, but in fact spreads across the entire main game, taking you back to Paldea. They go to a total of seven locations in an enormous quest, during which you’ll receive rewards worth a million PokeCoins, and by the end, a Glitterati Case for your phone, and a new emote.

Ogre Oustin’ Has A Secret Prize

When you were playing through the main quest, you’ll remember you needed to take part in a ridiculous and fairly dreadful mini-game called Ogre Oustin’. This involved charging around on either Koraidon or Moraidon picking up berries, and then depositing them in buckets.

To clear it for the main quest you really only have to loosely take part, but should you head back there later, it hides a great prize: a shiny Munchlax. That you’ll never get.

To do this, you need to unlock Hard mode, which means completing it on both Easy and Normal, and that done, then win Hard mode ten times. Which is…it’s really hard on your own. It’s best to do this in multiplayer with two or three friends, with one of you scaring off hungry Pokémon from the baskets, while the others gather the berries.

And, yes, admittedly shiny Munchlax/Snorlax is one of Pokémon’s greatest shames, being just a slightly different shade of blue. But you’ll know.

And The Other Bits

Those are the most quest-like things to do in The Teal Mask once the main plot is done, but there are still a bunch of other bits of busywork to keep you busy. So, don’t forget to also:

Complete the PokédexSwap tablecloth designs for new chairs (!)Show the Lovey-Dovey couple a lovey-dovey Pokémon Grab all the Teal Mask TMsVisit all Six Wonders of Kitakami

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