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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet’s DLC Has A Secret Ending, Here’s How To See It

When I reviewed Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC, I said I wished it expanded further on some of the specific characters who were central to the main game’s stellar ending. It turns out, The Indigo Disk has a secret ending that the game doesn’t really direct you to in a meaningful way. While I still stand by that initial criticism, the discovery of this new ending does a lot to make the DLC sit better with me in terms of its place in Scarlet and Violet’s overarching story.

The Week In Games: Pocket Monsters And Simulated Goats

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We won’t be getting into direct spoilers as to what happens in the hidden ending, here; I’m just here to point you in the right direction. So if you’re worried about learning what happens in the secret ending, or even the DLC’s main ending, rest easy. Read on for directions on how to trigger it.

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The Indigo Disk has an initial ending that concludes the main story, complete with credits. Once you complete that ending, go back to Kitakami’s Crystal Pool from the Teal Mask DLC. The secret ending will automatically unfold when you approach the water past the bridge where you spawn during fast travel, and you’ll get pushed back to the title screen. Afterward, you’ll notice a change, that’s tied to the events of this secret ending, to what’s on your character’s classroom desk.

Again, no spoilers, but I was really happy a scene like this was included, as it filled in some blanks left by Scarlet and Violet’s ending without tearing down what made it so impactful. If you care at all about the big lore questions these games bring up at the end, it’s worth seeking out the secret ending just to wrap it all up with a nice little bow.

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