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Here's How To Make Pokémon Scarlet And Violet's BP Grind Easier

The Blueberry Points grind is the worst part of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC. To access most of the new features the expansion adds, you have to earn Blueberry Academy’s fake currency by doing menial open-world tasks. The game barely gives you any BP for each Blueberry Quest, and it just feels like a big waste of time to get to the good stuff. But if you’re insistent on grinding for them, there’s one definite way to speed up the process: grind BP in multiplayer.

The Week In Games: Pocket Monsters And Simulated Goats

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Co-op is the best way to grind BP

If you invite up to three friends into your game with the Union Circle, each player’s quest pool will contribute to every member’s BP. That way, if you finish a Blueberry Quest, everyone in the party will reap the rewards. This also allows the whole group to split the work. So if one of you is busy beating wild Pokémon, another can go catch a requested type, and another can go make a TM.

The speed at which I was completing and unlocking new Blueberry Quests by playing with even just one friend drastically sped up my BP collecting process. These mundane, repetitive tasks are mind-numbing and boring, but like most things in Scarlet and Violet, they’re better experienced with others.

All my friends are busy. How else can I get BP quickly?

The best answer is to be selective about which Blueberry Quests you do. These rotate out as you do them, but some are a lower lift than others. Prioritize the ones you can do quickly, such as crafting a TM at one of the green stations you’ll find throughout the terarium or traveling a certain distance on Miraidon or Koraidon’s back.

Also keep an eye on Blueberry Quests that pop up that will give you additional BP. These are labeled in red in the menu, and are usually a bit more intensive but will give you more BP than most other quests combined. These can include winning a Tera Raid battle or capturing one of the Legendary Pokémon added to the games through The Indigo Disk. The best way to save time in the BP grind is to be mindful of how you try to earn the currency and not sink your time into quests that take twice as long for roughly the same amount of reward.

While you can’t do it alone, one quest line that will give you a lot of BP is finding the Ditto Blocks. These multiplayer-specific quests are exactly what they sound like: the weird, transforming jelly Pokémon, lurking in block form in the terarium structures you’ll find hidden all over Blueberry Academy. Finding these will net you 600 BP on their own, which is more than any other Blueberry Quest alone. So it’s definitely worth seeking them out all across the academy for a major boost to your BP. You’ll unlock these quests after finishing three red-level Blueberry Quests, which opens up new objectives you won’t have seen up to that point.

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