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The New, Ash-less Pokémon Anime Is Finally Getting Its English Dub

The Pokémon anime is entering a new era after sunsetting longtime protagonists Ash and Pikachu earlier this year. The newest series, Pokémon Horizons, follows heroes Liko and Roy, and has been airing in Japan since April. After an excruciating wait, it’s finally making its way to the west with an English dub. However, as has become tradition in the States, the new season will only be available through Netflix.

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Pokémon Horizons will premiere on Netflix for US fans on February 23, 2024, but those in Australia and Canada will have to wait a few days more before the show premieres in their territories. The Australian premiere is set for February 27 on 9Go!, while Canadian fans will get to meet Liko and Roy on March 2 through Cartoon Network and Télétoon. The Pokémon Company’s official announcement doesn’t mention episode count (past Pokémon seasons have rolled out to Netflix in 12-episode chunks), but we’ve reached out to the company for clarification and will update this story if we hear back.

In the meantime, you can check out the first English trailer for the series right here:

The Pokémon CompanyThe Pokémon Company

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Pokémon Horizons takes inspiration from Ash’s final seasons, taking place in multiple regions throughout the Pokémon universe rather than following its heroes through one area for an entire season. However, the trailer heavily features characters and critters from the Paldea region introduced in Scarlet and Violet like Liko’s starter Sprigatito and Roy’s partner Fuecoco. Even if you’ve not played the Switch games, there are plenty of familiar faces like Captain Pikachu, who ensures long-time Pikachu voice actor Ikue Otani keeps getting her bag. But she’s not the only returning actor in the new series, as Ash’s English voice actor Sarah Natochenny is involved in the show in some capacity, as well.

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