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I Would Die For Psyduck In The Netflix Pokémon Show

Nine months after its initial announcement during February’s Pokémon Presents, we finally have a trailer for Pokémon Concierge, the upcoming stop-motion Netflix series set in the Pokémon world. The four-episode series is set to premiere on the streaming service on December 28, and y’all, it looks like a vibe and a half.

What’s Coming Out Beyond Pokémon: The Indigo Disk | The Week In Games

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Pokémon Concierge follows Haru, a young woman who takes on a new job at a resort for people and Pokémon. Just from the trailer, we can see Haru struggling to communicate with Pokémon, as they can’t express their needs the way humans can, but as she gets to know the guests, she tries to help them find the same peace she’s found at the resort. The trailer shows dozens of Pokémon visiting the fine establishment, including fan favorites like Pikachu, Dragonite, and Eevee, but there are a few less predictable picks as well, like the elemental monkeys, Furret, and even the hulking pseudo-legendary Metagross all gathering to stay at the resort.

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The star of the show, however, is Haru’s Psyduck. As seasoned Pokémon fans are aware, Psyducks are known for their unpredictable psychic abilities and the constant headaches that tend to agitate them, and that seems to be a major part of the character in Pokémon Concierge. I can’t think of many Pokémon that would be harder for Haru to get to relax than this little guy, but the trailer shows they’re getting along pretty well.

Check it out below:

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