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Grand Theft Auto V Joins PlayStation Plus This Month

Oh hey, we’re just burning through December, aren’t we? Well if the 2024 release calendar is lookin’ rather slim to you, might I interest you in some new additions to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service? This month includes quite a few tempting offers.

The Top 10 Most-Played Games On Steam Deck: June 2023 Edition

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Every month, PlayStation Plus subscribers at the Premium and Extra level are treated to some fresh games to download. This month’s offers kick off on December 19 (next week, at the time of writing) and include the legendary Grand Theft Auto V and a few other games that you might’ve been keeping an eye on.

PlayStation Plus’ December update includes some awesome stuff

You can check out the official blog for the full rundown, but these are a few games that caught our eye:

Grand Theft Auto VStranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy OriginSalt & SacrificeMoonscarsMega Man 11 (note: Mega Man Legacy Collection and its sequel are also available in the Classics Catalog for Premium subscribers starting on December 19.)ProdeusShadowrun ReturnsShadowrun DragonfallShadowrun Hong Kong

Of these, I’d highly recommend checking out the Doom-inspired neo-retro shooter Prodeus, as it features some vividly visceral shooting action.

Bounding Box Software Inc. / PlayStation

Also, if you’ve recently wrapped Baldur’s Gate 3 and are in the mood for another isometric RPG based on a tabletop role-playing game, the Shadowrun Returns series might be worth your time.

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