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Should You Butcher Your Pals In Palworld?

Palworld, the animal-catching survival game available on PC and Xbox (it’s free on Game Pass), tasks you with fighting and catching creatures called Pals. That’s on top of basic survival tasks like resource farming, and maintaining bodily needs like hunger. While you can issue a variety of tasks to your Pals once caught, you can also choose to butcher surplus Pals to free up space or to source new materials. Yes, you read that right.

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If the idea of butchering very cute, Pokemon-like creatures doesn’t sound particularly enticing, there are a few other ways to get rid of surplus Pals and find particular items. We’ll cover both approaches in this guide.

How and why you should butcher Pals

There are two main reasons you’ll want to butcher Pals: to free up space in your Palbox and to get resources that are otherwise difficult to source. You’ll need the Meat Cleaver to get to choppin’ up your little workers, which you can craft at Level 12. Unlock it with two Tech Points and use 5 Metal Ingots, 5 Stones, and 20 Wood to craft it.

Once crafted, find the Pal who keeps giving you lip and open up the Pal command to select Butcher. Then try to live with yourself afterwards.

Do note that NPCs who see you butcher your Pals won’t take kindly to this level of violence and will likely place a bounty on you. So if you wish to avoid that, just stick to forcing your Pals to do hard labor. That kind of violence is perfectly acceptable in this world.

What if you don’t want to butcher your Pals?

Oh, you have a conscience? Okay. Well depending on what your needs are, you don’t need to butcher your Pals.

If you’re looking to clear space in your Palbox, you can always sell a Pal to a wandering Pal Merchant or any of the Black Marketeers. If you’re after Legendary Schematics (blueprints that are sometimes dropped after butchering a Pal), those can be found by taking on Alpha Pal bosses.

If you’re after Pal Fluids, you’ll still need to get your hands dirty by fighting and killing Pals in the wild–you know, acceptable levels of violence and aggression. Defeating Celarays, Pengullets, Fuacks, Gobfins, Lyleen Nocts, Surfents, Surfgent Terras, Suzaku Aqua, Jormuntide, and Teafant.

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