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Overwatch 2 Fans Have Already Embraced Its New, Non-Binary Hero

Overwatch 2’s ninth season is nearly over, and when the tenth begins on April 16, the hero shooter is getting a few significant changes.All of its heroes will no longer be locked behind the battle pass and the game will get a new shop dedicated to Mythic Skins only. But Overwatch 2 is also getting a new Damage hero in Venture, a scrappy, drill-based, non-binary character who can dig themself underground and come back up for air right on an objective. While we’ve only seen concept footage of the character in action, the Overwatch community is already embracing them and coming up with inside jokes about them that are spreading through the fandom like wildfire. Before Venture has even escorted a payload or helped push a barricade, they have been deemed a rock eater.

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The joke started innocently enough. Some fans noted Venture’s chipped tooth in their concept art and thus made the logical conclusion that they must have broken it on something. Given that their entire kit and design are based on digging and drilling, players landed on the silly idea that they must have been eating rocks. Once the suggestion was made, Overwatch fans got to work riffing on the idea in excellent art and jokes.

While Venture is likely too close to launch for the Blizzard team to implement the joke into pre-match banter, Overwatch 2 developers past and present have endorsed this collective headcanon.

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