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Overwatch 2's Great Sojourn Short Is Only Viewable In The Game

I like Sojourn, the latest damage hero to be added to Overwatch 2, and have been eagerly awaiting her animated short, Calling, since it was teased over a year ago. Now that it’s here, I am so infatuated with her dog, Murphy, that I barely processed any of the cool shit that happened in the seven-minute short.

Overwatch 2's New Story Missions: Worth The Money?

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Calling acts as a direct lead-in to Overwatch 2’s upcoming story missions, as it depicts the invasion of the synthetic Null Sector forces on her hometown of Toronto. But before any of that, she’s visited by law enforcement, who are investigating vigilante activity in the city. Given that Sojourn is an ex-member of the titular crew, she’s a prime suspect, though she swears up and down that she was at home with her adorable dog, Murphy.

Broadly, the short delves into Sojourn’s role in Overwatch’s shuttering, in that she testified against the group, claiming it lost sight of its original mission. As an Overwatch fan, it feels good to see this character finally get her due. She’s more or less the face of the game these days, but Blizzard has had to fill in her lore pretty late with things like this short and a novel. But I’m sorry to say she and all the lore was upstaged by her puppy, who was living his best life while his mom was dealing with the hard stuff.

He is simply a little guy trying to eat human food. Who among us hasn’t met a dog with such simple needs and wants while there’s a synthetic uprising happening? I love him. I would die for him. I will push payloads and capture points in his honor.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “where is the animated short?” Well, I’d love to show you reader, but Blizzard decided instead of uploading this on YouTube, they would make it exclusively viewable in Overwatch 2 itself. To find it, boot up the game and scroll through the news menu on the bottom right corner of the main menu until you see it. It’s annoying, but it looks like Sojourn’s interrogation is exclusive to those with the game installed. I mean, Overwatch 2 is free-to-play, so if you want to install it, you can.

The short comes just a week before Overwatch 2 is getting its first story missions on August 10, which will finally move the story forward after Blizzard has been moving it at a glacial pace since the first game launched in 2016. Sojourn will be teaming up with the next generation of Overwatch, which finally came together in Overwatch 2’s announcement trailer in 2019.

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