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The Overwatch 2 Girlies Serve In K-Pop Group Le Sserafim Music Video

I had never listened to the K-Pop ensemble Le Sserafim before this morning, but after the group collaborated with Overwatch 2 on a music video and skins, I may be on my way to becoming a stan.

Overwatch 2's New Story Missions: Worth The Money?

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In the new music video for the group’s song “Perfect Night,” between shots of the group performing we get what is basically a new Overwatch 2 animated short following a handful of the game’s leading ladies. The video follows D.Va, Tracer, Brigitte, and Kiriko as they all get ready to attend a Le Sserafim show. The group runs into a huge traffic jam and is taunted by Sombra, who uses her hacking skills and a motorcycle to skip the line. But Kiriko gives the group a speed boost by dropping her ultimate, and then D.Va chips in by having her mech lift the group’s car to the venue.

When the group realizes they left their tickets back at Kiriko’s apartment, Tracer uses Recall to go back in time and grab them off the table, so the girls get to enjoy the show. While Sombra is shown rocking out by herself, the Overwatch girls pull her into their group and she begrudgingly joins them and poses for some selfies. The lesson is that even enemies can come together over Le Sserafim.

Sombra’s look here is probably my favorite, but I may be a little biased just because she’s one of my favorite characters in the game too (even after her rework that I’m not thrilled about). She’s serving, and even though she’s leaving the others in the dust, I am rooting for her.

Source Music / Blizzard Entertainment

The whole thing is very cute and the song is catchy and sweet. The lyrics are all about a group of friends getting together for a good time, so the vibe of the video showing the Overwatch girlies getting ready for a show and using their abilities to make sure the night goes well is a lot of fun. Le Sserafim will perform the song next week at the end of BlizzCon 2023 at the BlizzCon Arena following the conclusion of the Community Night.

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