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How To Get The Heart Crosshair In Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s ninth season has begun, and while most players are talking about the reworks and sweeping changes Blizzard has made, there’s a small subset of people whose most anticipated part of the seasonal drop is a heart. No, not the heart-shaped balloon Reaper pops in his Valentine’s Day emote; the heart-shaped crosshair you can now use to line up your shots. But how do you get it? Here’s a quick rundown.

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Luckily, this stylized crosshair isn’t something you have to buy or unlock in the battle pass. Changing your reticle in Overwatch 2 is pretty simple once you know where to look, but the heart one, specifically, is buried. Open up the pause menu and go to Options. Tab over to Controls and scroll down to the Reticle section. While there is a Type section that lets you tweak the reticle, this isn’t where you’ll find the option to get the heart crosshair. Instead, open the Advanced tab and scroll to Dot Type. Here’s where you’ll find the heart option.

You can tweak the size and opacity to your liking and apply this to either every hero in the game or just specific ones. By default, any changes made here will be applied across the board to all 39 heroes, so if you want to have the heart reticle with some characters but not all, be sure to press in the right thumbstick (or whatever equivalent you have for what system you’re playing) to switch between heroes. That’s all you have to do. Go forth and shoot your foes out of the sky in girlypop fashion.

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