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No Man’s Sky Gets Space Whales, Roguelike Adventuring In Latest Update

The next No Man’s Sky expansion is all about space whales. Well, okay, there’s a whole new, roguelike-style expedition for players to tackle too but come on. Space whales, baby.

It Looks Like A PlayStation Classic, But Your Grappling Hook Is A Frog

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Today’s update, called “Leviathan,” sees the immense No Man’s Sky universe get a little bigger with the introduction of the aforementioned megafauna and a challenging mission that players will need to overcome together. Losing your one life means starting the whole thing over again with a new loadout, but the further into it the No Man’s Sky community gets, the easier reaching the end will be for everyone.

Hello Games (YouTube)

Here’s how No Man’s Sky studio Hello Games describes what the Leviathan update brings to the table:

No Man’s Sky players who conquer the update’s challenges can look forward to unlocking new cosmetics as well as adding a tentacled space whale to their frigate fleet.

The Leviathan update comes hot on the heels of previous No Man’s Sky update “Outlaws”, which added a host of criminal underworld-related activities and improved the constantly growing game’s space combat in April.

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