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Nintendo's New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate OLED Switch Bundle Is A Great Holiday Deal

Just in time for Black Friday budgeting, Nintendo announced a Switch bundle launching on November 19 that’ll package the OLED model of the handheld-console hybrid with the crossover fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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In a press release, the company said that the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model System + Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Full Game Download) will be available at “select retailers” and the My Nintendo Store for $350. It’ll include the console and the game, as well as three months of Nintendo Switch Online so you can practice your wavedashing against friends and randoms around the world in preparation for the next Super Smash Bros. tournament if you’re so inclined. While just who “select retailers” refers to wasn’t specified, you can assume this means your usual brick-and-mortar suspects: Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Walmart, and the like.

One thing worth pointing out about the bundle is the custom Joy-Cons you get. Sure, they aren’t captivating or flashy, merely dark grey controllers with a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-inspired line etched on them, but they are different and come with the console.

On the other hand, some fans online are lamenting that the dock which comes with this bundle is a standard Switch dock, instead of the spiffy custom one that came with Nintendo’s previous Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle back when the game first launched.

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This isn’t the only Nintendo Switch bundle the company’s dropping this holiday season. Alongside the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate one, Nintendo’s also launching the Nintendo Switch Lite – Animal Crossing: New Horizons packages for $200 (see at Target), the Nintendo Switch – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle (which also comes with three months of Nintendo Switch Online) for $300 (see on Amazon) , and a controller bundle of the Red & Blue Joy-Cons with a digital copy of Super Mario Party for $100. The aforementioned console bundles are available now, while the controller package releases on November 10. Good luck as you’re shopping out there. It gets hectic.

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