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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Gets Its Very Own, Very Plain Nintendo Switch OLED

An August 31 Nintendo Direct gave us a lengthy look at the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder game, with an added surprise at the end of the presentation: A brand-new, limited edition Nintendo Switch OLED. The console will release on October 6, two full weeks before Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s October 20 release date. That means that the game won’t be included in any type of bundle.

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The special edition Switch OLED is a bright and bold cherry red, with matching red Joy-Cons, a red docking station, and some hidden nods to everyone’s favorite Italian-American plumber including a Mario silhouette on the back of the dock and a stack of coins on the inside of it. It’s a much more subtle take on a game-specific Switch OLED, considering that the beautiful The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom model had patterned Joy-Cons and an ornate docking station.

The announcement for the Mario-themed Switch did not include a price point, but it will likely run you the same as the Zelda console: $360—the price of the regular Switch OLED.

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If you were looking for a detailed handheld with tons of visual markers of the Mario franchise, this is not the console for you. It feels more like Nintendo was already working on a different-colored OLED (the only colors currently available are white and neon blue/neon red), and decided to try and sell it as a tie-in to their upcoming game.

Honestly, this design could appeal more to those in the market for a Nintendo Switch OLED who don’t care all that much for Super Mario Bros. branding, since you can’t really tell it’s a Mario-themed console at all. As someone whose favorite color is red, I am intrigued.

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