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Minecraft Subreddit Loses Support From Devs Who Disapprove Of Reddit Changes

As protests continue over on Reddit, the world’s largest community forum that is now inexplicably being turned into an engine for shareholder-driven greed, one of its biggest gaming subreddits has announced that it will be leaving the platform for good.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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The official Minecraft subreddit, r/minecraft, a community that at time of posting has 7.4 million members (making it one of the site’s largest), has announced that it will no longer be supported by developers Mojang and that, having served as an incredibly useful place not just for discussion but for tech support and changelogs as well, will now be asking users to contact them directly on their website (or social media) instead.

Mojang’s Mikael Hedberg wrote the post, which reads:

Note that it’s shutting down as an official community, a resource where fans could get help and information directly from the developers. The subreddit will remain in place, but will now be just a community discussion hub.

We’re only a few years removed from companies closing down their own internal support and moving their forums to places like Reddit and, less usefully, Discord. To see them already have to start moving this stuff back in-house is as sure a sign as ever that the ‘Enshittification’ of platforms like Reddit, TikTok, YouTube and Twitch is now very much in full swing, and that as useful as their reach has been for people (and games and companies) over the years, as they each collapse under the weight of their own greed it only goes to show the only websites and forums you can ever rely on are your own.

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