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New Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC Adds Dune Buggies🤔

Sure, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a robust and impressively realistic video game dedicated to recreating the feel of flying an airplane around the world. But what if you flew by some sick-looking hills or ramps and wanted to hit them in a dune buggy? Well, now a new DLC from a third-party developer can help.

The Open World Racing Game That's Been Gone For A Decade Is Coming Back

Share SubtitlesOffEnglishShare this VideoFacebookTwitterEmailRedditLinkview videoThe Open World Racing Game That’s Been Gone For A Decade Is Coming Back

Launched in 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator was the long-awaited return for the franchise after being MIA for over a decade. The new entry in the series was released in the middle of the early days of the pandemic, and provided many folks a chance to safely travel around a recreation of the planet in over a dozen planes. Since its release, paid third-party DLC has been created for the game, adding new planes and features. But not all the DLC is focused on aircraft.

Out now, Juice Goose UTV is a new Flight Sim DLC that adds a highly-detailed electric off-road Utility Task Vehicle, aka cool dune buggy. The idea is that players can explore the massive open world of Flight Simulator from the ground level via the new vehicle.

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Juice Goose UTV by Parallel 42 – TRAILER

This isn’t just some quickly-made mod that tosses a car model into the game and calls it a day. According to the DLC’s official site, the buggy comes in three motor variants designed for different driving experiences. It also includes 13 liveries, optional accessories, realistic suspension, simulated friction on the tires, cruise control, lighting options, a built-in radio, and is designed to be fully drivable with a standard Xbox controller. Phew.

Even better, the Juice Goose DLC supports crossplay with airplanes, so you and your friends can get up to all kinds of fun jumping cars over planes or racing different aircraft and buggies. Optionally, players can also download a custom pack that adds a virtual playground filled with ramps and other obstacles to test out the new vehicle.

According to the devs, the Juice Goose should be available to purchase via the official Flight Sim marketplace soon on PC and Xbox. It costs $15. Players can buy it now via the studio’s official website and install it themselves, if they can’t wait for the marketplace release.

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