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New Mass Effect Teasers Finally Confirm What We’ve All Been Guessing [Update]

The next Mass Effect game has been shrouded in mystery since its 2020 Game Awards reveal. November 7 is N7 Day, when BioWare and fans celebrate the science-fiction RPG series. But this year’s a little different. The studio gave us a couple teasers for the next game, at the same time as laid-off QA workers are picketing the company demanding severance.

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The teasers finally give us some solid clues regarding what the next Mass Effect is going to be about. The December 2020 teaser suggested it would take place long after the original trilogy, with returning squadmate Liara T’Soni making an appearance but looking notably older than her youthful age of 109. BioWare developers also had hinted on social media that the next game would be a sequel to both the original trilogy and Mass Effect: Andromeda (see on Amazon), which took place over 600 years later in a different galaxy. These new teasers confirm that speculation.

The first teaser is five-seconds-long and was released after a countdown on Electronic Arts’ website. The related text reads:

The big reveal here is “Andromeda distress signal detected,” confirming that the interstellar migration movement from the fourth game will be part of the story BioWare tells next. Fans are speculating Liara and a crew might be responding to the distress call, as it was confirmed in Andromeda she was in contact with the Initiative after their departure from the Milky Way. What is the distress call? It’s not quite clear, but given that the Kett invasion was still happening at the end of Mass Effect: Andromeda, it’s not like that crew is lacking in danger.

The actual video doesn’t show much beyond someone, perhaps Liara, walking through what looks like a space station before it abruptly cuts to black. The audio transcript text on the teaser site was a quote attributed to Liara by Project Director Michael Gamble on N7 Day last year, so it would make sense if it were her in this trailer.

However, there is a second teaser that complicates things.


This is a continuation of the same clip, but we see the red N7 sleeve on their lab coat. What remains to be seen if this is maybe Liara paying tribute to Commander Shepard, or if BioWare is about to pull some fandom gimme coward shit and bring back the old face of the series, 600 years after the trilogy. Liara returning in a fifth game makes sense because Asari can live for several centuries. But Shepard returning, even after in a Mass Effect 3 ending where they survive, is just boring.


Update, 11/7/23, 4 p.m. Eastern: The final teaser has been released, and it doesn’t tell us much else. The figure is wearing an N7 jacket and a helmet that looks like something straight out of Destiny, but it doesn’t confirm who’s underneath. I feel like if it were Shepard we’d see their iconic helmet from the original trilogy, and they wouldn’t be serving lewks because Shepard just wears bulky armor most of the time. This looks sleeker, almost spy-like. Anyway, I guess we’ll do this whole song and dance again next November 7.


As a long-time Mass Effect aficionado, my biggest curiosity is whether this game is going to canonize a certain decision at the end of Mass Effect 3.

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