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Report: New Mass Effect Release So Far Away 'It's In Another Galaxy'

Good news! A new BioWare-developed Mass Effect game is in the works and it seems cool, based on the short teaser we got earlier this week. Bad news! It’s been reported that this next game in the series is likely years away from launching.

Clear Your Calendar For Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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On November 7, to celebrate the annual N7 Day, BioWare and EA published an interesting teaser for its next big Mass Effect sequel. Almost immediately after it was live online, fans dug in and found all sorts of clues hinting toward Andromeda, Liara, and more. As you might expect, people got excited about what all of this could mean for the future of the popular series. But, you might want to chill as it sounds like folks will have to wait an awfully long time to play the next entry in BioWare’s popular space RPG franchise.

EA / BioWare

 During November 8’s Giant Bomb Game Mess Morning show, Jeff Grubb and Tamoor Hussain explained that, according to their sources, development on the next Mass Effect isn’t anywhere close to being done.

“This game is just nowhere near coming out,” Grubb said. “I was told that when they revealed Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in 2018, this is similar in terms of timeline. That was announced in 2018 and we’re not getting that game until maybe next year.”

He then told folks to “do the math” and suggested that Mass Effect 5 might not ship until 2029. (That’s not a typo!) Yeah, six years from now. To be clear, the 2029 date isn’t what BioWare is planning, just how the timeline for development lines up based on Dreadwolf. It could come out sooner or later than that.

Hussain added that he’s heard similar, saying: “[Mass Effect 5] is so far away” that it is “in another galaxy right now.”

The reason for teasing Mass Effect 5 so early

So why did BioWare even tease this game so far ahead of its release date? Grubb says his sources say the studio wanted to release something so fans knew the next game was still in development. But this teaser wasn’t meant to indicate the game is anywhere close to done.

Grubb added that his sources explained Bioware felt like they had “to do something for N7 Day.”

Meanwhile, testers who worked on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf—which according to Grubb might not launch until 2025 at this point—picketed outside BioWare’s Edmonton offices after being laid off earlier this year. The next Mass Effect game doesn’t have a release window.

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