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Spider-Man 2 Actor Thinks Peter Will Return As Spider-Man In A Sequel

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the second title from developer Insomniac Games about the beloved web-slinger, doubled the fun by letting players control Peter Parker as well as Miles Morales. In addition to expanding the NYC-based game world to include Brooklyn and Queens, and offering two different playstyles to master, Spider-Man 2 deepened the mentor-mentee relationship of the two Spider-Men (Spiders-Man?) as co-protectors of the Big Apple. It was wildly successful, and fans of the sequel are ready to enjoy its upcoming New Game + mode, set to drop on March 7. But (spoilers for the ending of Spider-Man 2 coming), the way the game ended marks a shift in the series.

Spider-Man 2's New Web Wings Make It Feel Like A Proper Sequel

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But by the end of Spider-Man 2, there is a passing of the crime-fighting, web-slinging torch. Peter sees that Miles has come into his own as a crime fighter and is ready to take over the mantle as New York’s de facto Spider-Man, and with that transition, Peter will hopefully get some time to relax and be with MJ. But according to Yuri Lowenthal, the talent behind Peter Parker, the book may not be fully closed on Peter donning a suit once more in the next chapter of Insomniac’s series.

“While I think Peter would love to believe that he can just turn it off and not be Spider-Man anymore and live a completely normal life, “ Lowenthal said in an interview with Variety, “I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen.” And though Insomniac hasn’t said anything official about a third mainline entry in their Spider-Man series, it seems inevitable (and was seemingly confirmed in a massive leak last year). After its October 2023 release, Spider-Man 2 became the fastest-selling PlayStation Studios title ever, selling more than 2.5 million copies in the first 24 hours, so it seems sensible that Sony would try to recreate that success with a third entry. But Lowenthal hasn’t heard anything. “I haven’t read a script yet” he tells Variety, “They’re probably still working on it.”

Progress on a potential Spider-Man 3 could be affected by recent news, however. On February 27, Sony announced a massive round of layoffs affecting all of Sony Interactive Entertainment, including Insomniac Games. It’s unclear what effect this could have on the future of the Spider-Man game franchise, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

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