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Marvel MMO Cancelled Before We Ever Got To See It

So, for a little while at least, there was a plan for Daybreak’s Dimension Ink studio (DC Universe Online) to develop an MMO based on the Marvel universe. That game, whatever it was called and however it was shaping up, has now been cancelled.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Comments: A Dramatic Reading

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You might remember the game’s announcement late last year, although there’s every chance you don’t, given it was something that turned up in a financial report instead of via a cinematic trailer. DC Universe Online and City Of Heroes’ Jack Emmert had been in charge of development at the time.

In the original announcement, Zack, bless him, tried to get optimistic about this game’s chances of success after a long line of Marvel MMO failures:

Womp. The cancellation was announced in a press release from Daybreak’s owners EG7, in which they say the resources freed up by canning the MMO will be diverted into other, smaller and existing projects:

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