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The Mario vs. Donkey Kong Remake Sounds Like Simple, Good Fun

After the welcome reception of the Super Mario RPG remake just three months ago, Nintendo is back with another remake in the form of Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The original 2004 title on the Game Boy Advance was a charming puzzle platformer that pits the two titular stars and age-old rivals against each other once again. But how does the remake handle the jump from GBA to Switch? Based on initial reviews, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is as charming as ever and a fun time for any puzzle fans out there.

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The remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong gives the graphics an overhaul and sports a new, higher-quality recording of the game’s soundtrack. Mechanically it’s largely identical to the original game, but the remake adds two new worlds, a casual mode without time limits, and local co-op. It appears as if these additions are all welcome, as is the prospect of having easy access to this GBA game in a new form, but there’s also a feeling that this signals a sort of filler-era at the end of the Switch’s lifespan.

The game currently has a 77 on both Metacritic and Open Critic. Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan called it “a gentle reworking of an old Game Boy Advance charmer. It’s lovely stuff.” Digital Trends’ Giovanni Colantonio liked the game but noted, “It’s less of an exciting new Switch game and more like something light to hold Nintendo fans over while they wait for a shiny new console.”

Here’s what other reviewers are saying about the Nintendo Switch’s latest remake:


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