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How To Find And Change Jobs In Infinite Wealth

Jobs. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. In Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Jobs are simply another term for “Class,” and switching them up will alter your characters’ stats and reward them with new abilities as you increase their ranks. Some Jobs can be equipped on multiple characters, while others are exclusive to specific ones (such as Kasuga’s “Hero” Job).

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Infinite Wealth introduces Jobs later partway its campaign, so it’s not an obvious core component of this fantastic turn-based RPG. Once the Jobs system properly unlocks in chapter five, however, you’ll gain access to a cornucopia of different combat possibilities. This guide will walk you through the basics of finding Jobs and how to switch ‘em up.

If you aren’t at chapter five yet, you can still switch up Kasuga’s Jobs early on

Given how relatively late in the game Job switching becomes available, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the stock Jobs every character comes with. You can break that mold by playing with Ichiban’s early Job choices: Freelancer and Hero.

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Ichiban Kasuga starts out with a Freelancer job first. Once the game moves into chapter two, however, he’ll switch things up to Hero. Going back to Freelancer will see Kasuga trade his bat for his fists. There are also a few stat changes. While Freelancer will raise Kasuga’s attack power, his magic will drop way down. He’ll also gain access to a radically different selection of abilities, many focused on melee attacks.

Switching these Jobs around early will help you get familiar with changing things up for your characters, so you’re ready to take on new ones in chapter five—and not just for Kasuga.

How to unlock new Jobs in Infinite Wealth

In chapter five, a scripted scenario will take you to Alo-Happy Tours, after which Kasuga will gain access to the Aquanaut Job. Unfortunately, you can’t just swap Jobs in the main menu. You’ll need to visit an Alo-Happy booth when you want to swap your jobs, using the booth inside to do so. You can find Al-Happy Tour locations on the map by looking for the green palm-tree icon. You can also search through the list of locations in your map. There’s an Alo-Happy storefront in each of the game’s major cities, and dungeon locations will also have a standalone booth out front.

How to find new Jobs in Infinite Wealth

There are a few different ways to pick up new Jobs for your characters in Infinite Wealth. As you play the game, some will automatically unlock as the story progresses (so don’t forget to visit the Alo-Happy booth from time to time). You’ll gain other Jobs by raising Kasuga’s bond with other party members as well, so hang out with your buddies!

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You can also pick up some jobs at Alo-Happy Tours to gain new jobs. Speak to the person at the front desk of Alo-Happy Tours to pick up some activities in the area. Some may require you to spend a little bit of money and/or rank up a specific personality stat to a certain level. Completing these will reward you with new Jobs. (Two sports-themed jobs, Linebacker and Tennis Ace, are only available as separate paid DLC.)

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