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Lego Star Wars Makes Comboing Younglings A Real Strategy

The Jedi Code says one must not “seek adventure and excitement” and to use the Force for “knowledge and defense, never for attack,” blah blah blah. Someone should’ve told Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga that, because fans have discovered that it lets you get some sick air by comboing Jedi younglings.

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Despite the game’s innocuous outward appearance, it lets you string together some deceptively sick combo tech. Look no further than this clip of a Stormtrooper getting his fade run by Captain Antilles before getting Fist of the North Star’d into smithereens. Twitter user Red Orb, no doubt seeking adventure and excitement in hopes of knowledge, discovered that younglings in Lego Star Wars don’t take damage like other characters do. In fact, they’re downright invincible, at least in comparison to their silverscreen counterparts. Naturally, he utilized this knowledge for some gameplay funsies and posted a DCFS-call-worthy clip to Twitter, in which he comboed the living hell out of an unsuspecting, Force-sensitive child. (We here at Kotaku don’t condone Lego youngling violence. We do, however, find it hilarious.)

“So, children, at least this child, don’t take friendly fire damage, so I found my test dummy,” Red Orb wrote. “Also, side note, you can use children to cross large pits and void space. I’m calling this Child Flight.”

I optimistically assume the devs over at TT Games meant well by not allowing players to “Skywalker” a bunch of younglings into oblivion, but if you give a gamer an inch, they’ll take an entire starfleet. For 21 uninterrupted seconds, Red Orb, as Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn, air juggled a youngling in broad daylight. They must not make chitlins as Nokia-phone durable as they used to, because Red Orb managed to juggle the poor sod a considerable distance, even traveling over a gap in the town square.

“Child Flight” may well be a legit strategy for accessing hard-to-reach places. Red Orb seemingly proved this by vertically comboing a child with Obi Wan Kenobi to reach a Missing Piece item at the top of a Jedi statue.

After hearing Lego Star Wars had combat like Devil May Cry, Red Orb told Kotaku he started getting into the game to see if that claim was true. Although early enemies don’t have a large enough health bar to practice combos on, Red Orb got some practice in by using an AI player 2. Sadly, this friendly-fire solution also didn’t allow for very long or satisfying combos.

“At some point I think I accidentally hit the young Anakin character and he didn’t take damage, so I just started using him as a test dummy,” Red Orb told Kotaku.

Thanks to Anakin’s noble sacrifice, Red Orb was able to experiment with different Lego character move sets and discover how far he could push “Child Flight” combo loops. So far, Red Orb told Kotaku that “Child Flight” allowed him to skip character-specific interactions, puzzles, and collect kyber bricks.

“If you get the timing down you can do these loops infinitely,” Red Orb told Kotaku. “Eventually there is a sky ceiling, but if you can get the AI not to move out of the way at the start you can basically go as far as you want.”

Time will tell whether this discovery will lead to Lego Star Wars speedrun strats, like one commenter suggested in the Twitter thread. Red Orb appeared to agree and posited that character-action game fiends like himself will have a field day utilizing “Child Flight.”

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