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Where To Find Every Essential Resource In Lego Fortnite

George Carlin famously said “a house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it.” At its core, Lego Fortnite is the same. Epic’s new collab with Lego has become an absolute phenom since it launched December 7, seeing a daily peak of around 2 million concurrent players. Like all good sandbox survival games, it’s driven by the need to gather, store, and organize piles of stuff. But not all stuff is created equal. Some stuff, like wood and granite, is readily available. Other stuff is harder to find. This guide is concerned with the latter, giving you insight on where to find the hard-to-find materials like knotroot, flexwood, and more.

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But First, The Biomes

Understanding where to find stuff in Lego Fortnite means recognizing the different biomes on the map. There are four biomes to explore: Grasslands, Shores, Dry Valley, Frostlands. Grasslands are where you’ll begin the game. You’ll find lush open prairies, friendly temperatures, plentiful resources and weak foes. Shores are beachy areas found along bodies of water. They’re not as stuffed with resources, but a good place to find brutes and brute scales. Dry Valley is your desert biome. Temperature is a factor here, and you can’t explore for very long unless you’ve crafted Snowberry Shakes or Cool-Headed Charms to help you beat the heat. Dry Valley biomes can be hard to find, too. The best method is to get up high, either on nearby cliffs or by building a ton of stairs, and look around for big brown patches of desert. Because every map is built from a different seed, every map will be different, so there’s no fixed location for the biomes. You just have to keep exploring!

Frostlands are, as you’d expect, the snowy biomes. Like Dry Valley you need to prepare for extreme temperatures. You need to craft some Spicy Burgers or Inner Fire Charms to withstand the cold, holding a torch won’t help you here. You’re also not likely to be within walking distance of a Frostland biome either. These are typically found on the extreme edges of the map, and the easiest way to scout and access them is to rig up a hot air balloon. Now that you know a bit about what the world of Lego Fortnite looks like, here’s a rundown of where to find some of its most sought-after materials.

Where To Find Fertilizer in Lego Fortnite

If I can invoke Carlin once again, sometimes shit is stuff. In Lego Fortnite, fertilizer is a key component in the early game for getting your farms going. Find it on the ground anywhere animals congregate. Hold the gather button down as you walk around and it’ll pick stuff up automatically.

Where To Find Knotroot in Lego Fortnite

Knotroot is one of the easiest hard things to find. Let me explain. It’s one of the earliest resources you’ll encounter that isn’t just laying on the ground. But it’s located in the Grasslands, so it isn’t far from where you start. Just explore until you find a cave, and you’ll encounter these twisted vine clusters on the walls within.

Where To Find Marble in Lego Fortnite

Marble is scattered throughout the caves in the Grasslands Biome. You’ll likely have to backtrack to get it once you find it the first time, because it requires an upgraded pickaxe to harvest. You can only make one of those with knotroot.

Where To Find Flexwood in Lego Fortnite

Flexwood are the trees of the desert. Once you locate a Dry Valley biome, Flexwood will probably be the first resource you encounter. Who among us can resist chopping down a giant cactus? Make sure you’ve upgraded your axe before you go, though.

Where To Find Rough Amber and Cut Amber in Lego Fortnite

You can find Rough Amber gleaming in small clusters that dot the cliffs and crags of Dry Valley. After you harvest, turn it into cut amber by using a gem cutter. You’ll also need an upgraded pickaxe to harvest it.

Where To Find Obsidian in Lego Fortnite

While you’re Lawrence of Arabia-ing around the Dry Valley biome, make sure to do some cave-diving too. You’ll find obsidian throughout the cave systems. It’s got a purplish shimmer that’s easy to spot by torchlight.

Where To Find Brightcore in Lego Fortnite

Another subterranean gem (literally), Brightcore can be harvested from caves in the Dry Valley biome. Its bright orange glow is hard to miss.

Where To Find Copper in Lego Fortnite

Copper is found in Dry Valley caves, although not as readily as Obsidian and Brightcore. Like Brightcore it has a yellow/orange glow to it, but the telltale teal of copper patina runs in its veins.

Where To Find Sand Claw in Lego Fortnite

You’ll need to go on the hunt for this resource. Sand claws are obtained by defeating sand wolves which, naturally, are found in the sand. You’ll encounter them in both the Dry Valley and Shores biomes.

Where To Find Malachite in Lego Fortnite

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