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New Jurassic Park Game Looks Like The Trespasser We Never Got

Jurassic Park fans, good news: We are finally getting a new game set in the famous universe that isn’t a park builder.

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Tonight, during the 2023 Game Awards, we got our first trailer at Jurassic Park: Survival, an upcoming first-person action survival game featuring a new character who seems to be trapped on the original island from the first movie. And she’s trapped on the island after all the dinosaurs have escaped. Uh oh!

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Let me be clear: I love the Jurassic Park theme park builders. I’ve sunk so many hours into all of them, even Operation Genesis. But I’ve long wanted a big, AAA first-person action game set in this universe. And now, it seems, I’m finally getting what I wanted.

In the trailer, which features a small amount of gameplay in the middle, a young woman is running around terrified (understandably so) across the original Isla Nublar, escaping famous dinos like the massive T-Rex. Is the trailer a bit fan servivce-y, featuring famous locations and moments from the first film? Sure. But I’m too excited to care that much.

Interestingly, Jurassic Park: Survival shares its name with a never-released action game from Konami that was going to be set on a secret third island and would have tied in with the then-newly released Jurassic Park III. The game was canned in July 2001. I doubt this new game has anything to do with that canceled title, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the name was picked to directly reference that never-released PS2-era Jurassic Park game as many fans still talk about it to this day.

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