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New John Wick X Resident Evil 4 Mash-Up Is Perfect, No Notes

At this point, it seems silly to piss off John Wick. The dude has single handedly destroyed entire armies of highly trained henchmen and elite goons. Yet, in a new video from a talented YouTuber, we see that someone in the village from Resident Evil 4 has killed John’s dog. Bad idea. Terrible idea. But good content for us!

Horror Game You've Never Heard Of Is Scientifically The Scariest Ever

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Since 2014, the John Wick film franchise has existed primarily to allow Keanu Reeves to learn how to use various weapons and then use said weapons for a few hours of fantastical, over-the-top fight scenes. It’s a great formula and led to some of the best action films of the last decade. However, it seems like Wick has killed all the stuntmen and women in Hollywood. So in a new video from eli_handle_b.wav, Wick has made a detour to the creepy woods of Resident Evil 4.

eli_handle_b.wav / Capcom

Released on July 6, “John Wick in Resident Evil 4” is precisely what the title promises. YouTuber and incredible video editor eli_handle_b․wav takes John Wick from the films and transplants him into the digital world of the recent Resident Evil 4 remake. The result is a nearly perfect crossover that makes me want a full-on zombie-filled spin-off movie starring John Wick in an alternate timeline from the main films where the dead rise and he has to kill them all again.

In the video, Wick doesn’t just kill everyone he meets. Instead, we also see Wick talking to everyone’s favorite merchant about various guns he may want to buy. We also see him encounter Father Bitores Méndez, who is very tall and very immune to bullets. That moment doesn’t go well for ol’ Wick. Also, shout out to Wick for buying an RPG to quickly take out the final boss of the game. That’s some pro strats. I guess we should expect nothing less from a professional of his caliber.

This isn’t the first video game mash-up video created by eli_handle_b.wav. Earlier this year, we wrote about how he perfectly edited Steve Carell from The Office into Mass Effect. He told Kotaku at the time that he creates his videos in Adobe Premiere, estimating that The Office videos took about two weeks to produce.

eli_handle_b.wav / BioWare

All that work paid off, as those videos—which have over 1 million views—were hilarious. If you check out eli_handle_b.wav’s full YouTube channel you’ll find some other fantastic creations, including Ace Ventura in Cyberpunk 2077, Tony Soprano in God of War, and the kid from Home Alone in Resident Evil Village.

All of these videos show off just how skilled eli_handle_b.wav is at this, admittedly, very odd and specific style of internet video involving real movies and TV shows being mixed with games. I can’t wait to see what they make next.

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