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The Joker Looks Wild In The Suicide Squad Anime By Attack On Titan Folks

Warner Bros. Japan and Spy x Family producer Wit Studio announced at Anime Expo 2023 a new anime centering the DC supervillain team the Suicide Squad. The series, titled Suicide Squad Isekai, does not yet have a release date or an associated streamer, but it will no doubt unite the worst people you know once it does.

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In the comics, past members of the Suicide Squad task force include Bane and slaphappy Harley Quinn, who is prominently featured in the Isekai trailer along with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, the Joker. Yeah, we’re getting a canonical, post-Joaquin Phoenix anime Joker. This is exactly what I’m talking about—Discord is going to become a warzone, and Joker profile pictures will mark the enemy.

At least he looks good in the 48-second trailer, which doesn’t reveal much about the series aside from confirming Harley and the Joker’s involvement. Amanda Waller, the Suicide Squad director in both comics and the live-action movies also appears to be taking her usual post as bad guy wrangler.

Since the anime will be an isekai—“literally translated as ‘different world’ or ‘otherworld,’” Kotaku staff writer Isaiah Colbert says, a genre that typically features main characters “being suddenly teleported into a new world”—Suicide Squad members might not need to dodge AK-47s like they usually do, but a slew of fantasy elements. In the trailer, there’s a Gyarados-looking dragon, a group of pig men with bloodied spears, and a bunch of swords.

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Suicide Squad doesn’t often get the Medieval Times treatment, so Isekai seems like an interesting change of pace, even if it comes at the cost of my safety on Discord.

Less threateningly, Superman is also getting his own anime, called My Adventures With Superman. It premieres today on Adult Swim and will start streaming on Max July 7.

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