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I, A Hater, Can Only Endorse One Of Overwatch’s Two Latest Limited Edition Skins

The fourth season of the Overwatch League is almost upon us which means it’s time to release a new MVP skin. Starting today until April 6th, you can purchase Echo’s Good vs. Evil skin made in honor of 2020’s Overwatch MVP—and my second-favorite Shanghai Dragon—Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim.

Overwatch 2's New Story Missions: Worth The Money?

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Every year, the Overwatch League releases a skin in honor of the previous year’s MVP for that player’s signature hero, and this year’s skin is damn cool. Echo is split down the middle, with an angelic side and a demonic side evocative of Shanghai’s Dragon mascot. According to David Kang, senior concept artist for Overwatch, the dual-sided skin was meant to represent Fleta’s versatility as a damage hero specialist. Kim headshot, flashbanged, and pulse bombed many an enemy to death, and Echo was the hero he predominantly used to lead the Dragons to multiple tournament wins…and very nearly the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

You can also purchase the San Francisco Shock’s new “Midas” Roadhog skin made in honor of that team’s second championship.

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