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Here Are All Of Modern Warfare III’s Campaign Missions

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, not to be confused with the 2011 game of the same name, doesn’t officially launch until November 10 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. But if you preordered the game you can get early access to the single-player campaign, which contains a total of 15 missions.

This Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Feature Spices Up A Weak Campaign

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Modern Warfare III is about the same length as previous Call of Duty games. VGC reports that the single-player campaign will run you about 3-4 hours long, while Dexerto claims it’s upwards of 5-7 hours depending on your difficulty setting. Some missions are quite short, while others are longer with more open-ended approaches to combat scenarios, letting you shoot, stealth, or mix the two together while cooperating with your NPC squadmates to get the job done. Either way, what you get in Modern Warfare III isn’t too out of the ordinary, even if some players suggest the pacing makes it seem quicker than usual.

You’ll earn rewards for successfully finishing each of the 15 missions that you can use in multiplayer modes when it launches on November 10. The rewards range from cosmetics like calling cards and emblems, operators, blueprints, and double XP tokens for player and weapon progression.

Below is the full single-player mission list, as well as the campaign rewards:

All CoD: Modern Warfare III Campaign Missions

Operation 627Precious CargoReactorPayloadDeep CoverPassengerCrash SiteFlashpointOligarchHighriseFrozen TundraGora DamDanger CloseTrojan HorseCountdown

All CoD: Modern Warfare III Campaign Mission Rewards

Breather calling card30-minute double player XP token 30-minute double weapon XP tokenCorso operatorGhillie Guy calling card30-minute XP token30-minute weapon XP tokenPathfinder operatorToxic Drip calling card1-hour double player XP token 1-hour double weapon XP tokenDoc operatorSkull Rhapsody calling card1-hour double player XP token1-hour double weapon XP tokenJabber operatorCampaign completion emblemWeapon blueprint

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