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Hideo Kojima Calls Oscar Isaac ‘Pathetic And Unattractive’ (Complimentary) [Updated]

Moon Knight, the Marvel miniseries on Disney+ starring Oscar Isaac, debuted back in 2022, but Hideo Kojima is just getting around to watching it. A known cinephile, it’s no surprise Kojima would have the show on his backlog, and we have now been treated to a signature lengthy X (formerly Twitter) post detailing his thoughts. While he says a fair bit, the highlight is his praise of Oscar Isaac, who he calls “pathetic and unattractive” in the show, clarifying that this is a “good thing.”

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Kojima says he is holding out to watch the entirety of the series until it releases on Blu-ray. We stan a king who loves physical media, so fingers crossed that Disney does another round of physical releases for some of its streaming shows. But he has watched the first episode of the series on Disney+. This comes after only recently joining the service in order to watch his own documentary, Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds, which is now available to stream on Disney+.

Overall Kojima shares that he is a big fan of the show, which he couldn’t wait to watch because of his love of Oscar Isaac, who also happens to be set to take on the role of Solid Snake in a Metal Gear Solid movie that’s currently stuck in development hell. “This is so original! The artwork, the world, the direction, the pacing! It’s unlike any hero movie I’ve ever seen,” writes Kojima. “Above all, the main character, Stephen, is lonely and weak.” Kojima then goes on to say “I had never imagined such a pathetic and unattractive Oscar Isaac. But this is the good thing. Oscar Isaac succeeds in taking on this difficult role.”

He’s so right to say it! Isaac is the lynchpin of Moon Knight, which has a twisting narrative centered around protagonist Steven and his multiple personas. Isaac manages to give unique definition to each facet of Steven, especially the “pathetic” side that makes the turn to violent vigilante so much more fun to watch. I look forward to hearing more about Kojima’s thoughts on Moon Knight when he does finish the series, and hopefully before then a second season of the show will be announced. Until then, we can at least look back fondly on the time Isaac visited Kojima Productions in 2019, which Kojima shared a photo from in a quote post of his original post reviewing Moon Knight. Hopefully he got scanned and will be making an appearance in Death Stranding 2. I’m thinking we call his character Pathetic and Unattractive Man.

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