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How To Destroy Scout Striders In Helldivers 2

Co-operative PvE extraction shooter Helldivers 2 features a number of different enemy types, many of which you may have to take out to complete specific challenges. A recent challenge requiring players to take out 20 Scout Striders is one such, and it might be giving you a bit of a hard time if you’re not too experienced with taking on automatons.

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Scout Striders—imposing mechanical enemies that bear a striking resemblance to the AT-STs of Star Wars—put up a good fight as they have strong armor to protect the pilot. When high in number, they can make short work of you, especially if you have low numbers on your side. But with the right equipment and knowledge, you can stop approaching Scout Striders or take them out before they even become a problem.

Where to find Scout Striders

As automatons, you’ll find Scout Striders on the planets on the left side of the galaxy map, themed with a red color. Once on the ground, you’ll often spot them in enemy bases. Keep an eye out for their distinct, AT-ST-like shape and a pilot hanging out behind the front shield. Remember that pilot: Taking them out makes short work of Striders.

Scout Striders drop easily when you take out the pilot

As you’ll no doubt have noticed, Scout Striders are really just bipedal vehicles piloted by weak automatons. Use this to your advantage. If you spot one before it sees you, get yourself into position to easily aim at and take out the automaton pilot with a speedy headshot.

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Overall, Striders are deceptively simple and are a rather low-threat enemy if you position yourself appropriately. As a result, it’s not wise to waste too much ammunition and resources on these guys unless there are several of them or they’re backed up by multiple other forces.

If a Scout Strider has taken notice of you, they can be very challenging to take out from the front (especially at lower levels). While you will have an opportunity to take a shot at the pilot’s head as it pokes up from the top, this is a very hard shot to make, especially given Helldivers 2’s realistic aiming mechanics and the chaos that often makes delicate aiming very hard during firefights.

But if a Scout Strider is moving toward you, you’re better off aiming at its lower half than its more protected top part.

Go for the legs

Early weapons might have a tough time chewing through their armor (railguns and autocannons do a far better job, however). With a strong enough gun, you can shoot out the legs. Their large size also makes them easy to lob a grenade at. Aim a few feet in front of where they’re walking and a well-placed explosive should do the trick.

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