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Helldivers 2 Is Getting A Ton Of New Gear And Guns Very Soon

Good news, soldiers of democracy: Helldivers 2 is getting new guns and gear to help you fight the robot menace. You’ll have to earn these new toys (and pay for a new premium battle pass), but these upcoming electric- and laser-based weapons should help turn the tide of war, and possibly help the community avoid another robot Vietnam.

The Week In Games: Co-Op Bug Blasting And More New Releases

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Announced on March 7, Helldivers 2 is getting a new premium battle pass: Cutting Edge. The new pass will be released on March 14. In the game, battle passes—or warbonds as they’re called in Helldivers 2-let players unlock new weapons, cosmetics, and gear using medals that can be earned by playing missions, finding them on planets, or finishing specific quests. And thankfully, battle passes stick around forever, so you won’t have to rush to unlock everything on any old or new warbonds.

PlayStation / Arrowhead Games

This new pass, Cutting Edge, features three new primary weapons as well as some new armor sets and other goodies. You can use your previously earned and unspent medals on the new pass content.

What’s in the new Helldivers 2 battle pass?

Over on the PlayStation Blog, the developers provided more insight into the new weapons and armor options coming later this month. Here are the three new weapons as described by Arrowhead Games:

You’ll be able to unlock a new stun grenade and a new laser sidearm, the LAS-7 Dagger pistol. All of this sounds great for folks dropping into robot-infested hell-holes in the ongoing effort to spread managed democracy to every planet in the galaxy.

Also mentioned in the blog is a new insulated prototype armor series as well as new capes and other non-game-modifying cosmetics. There’s something for everyone, assuming “everyone” refers to bloodthirsty Helldivers with medals. Perhaps some of this new content will help make up for the community-hated nerfs that recently hit the game’s popular weapons.

Helldivers 2’s Cutting Edge battle pass launches March 13 on PS5 and PC. You’ll need to purchase it using 1000 Super Credits, which can be acquired in-game for free or purchased for $10.

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